Saturday, May 2, 2009

can u possibly be happy and upset in the same time??

apparently, yes, u can
haish la..smlm da lawa da my template
tgk2 ari ni die buat hal plak
wattodo..i guess i just have to make do with convensional templates
at least until i get the chance to learn on how to apply the cool ones
which i think, not very soon..haishlaa

well, dats the reason of why im upset
for the reason on why i am happy- TOMOK WON YEAYYY!!
i cant believe im saying this out loud,huhu
i know all my frens have some reservation on him
but hey, he's a completely new man now,( do you think thousands of ppl will vote for him if he is the still same old tomok??) and I can't help myself from liking him
(haha,matila kalau eny bace pasal ni..mati2)

to sha, thanks for liking my old template
give me your link
i'd like to see yours=)

dari mana nk kemana

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