Thursday, August 27, 2009

A letter from a Christian to Muslim women (March 7th, 2007)

I was blog hopping when i came across this article. i was touched by how there are people from other religion that see muslim women as a symbol of purity and honour.

I think its time we live up to it

By Joanna Francis
Writer, Journalist - USA

Between the Israeli assault on Lebanon and the Zionist “war on terror,” the Muslim world is now center stage in every American home. I see the carnage, death and destruction that have befallen Lebanon, but I also see something else: I see you. I can’t help but notice that almost every woman I see is carrying a baby or has children around her. I see that though they are dressed modestly, their beauty still shines through. But it’s not just outer beauty that I notice. I also notice that I feel something strange inside me: I feel envy. I feel terrible for the horrible experiences and war crimes that the Lebanese people have suffered, being targeted by our common enemy. But I can’t help but admire your strength, your beauty, your modesty, and most of all, your happiness.

Yes, it’s strange, but it occurred to me that even under constant bombardment, you still seemed happier than we are, because you were still living the natural lives of women. The way women have always lived since the beginning of time. It used to be that way in the West until the 1960s, when we were bombarded by the same enemy. Only we were not bombarded with actual munitions, but with subtle trickery and moral corruption.

Through Temptation

They bombarded us Americans from Hollywood, instead of from fighter jets or with our own American-made tanks. They would like to bomb you in this way too, after they’ve finished bombing the infrastructure of your countries. I do not want this to happen to you. You will feel degraded, just like we do. You can avoid this kind of bombing if you will kindly listen to those of us who have already suffered serious casualties from their evil influence. Because everything you see coming out of Hollywood is a pack of lies, a distortion of reality, smoke and mirrors. They present casual sex as harmless recreation because they aim to destroy the moral fabric of the societies into which they beam their poisonous programming. I beg you not to drink their poison. There is no antidote for it once you have consumed it. You may recover partially, but you will never be the same. Better to avoid the poison altogether than to try to heal from the damage it causes.

They will try to tempt you with their titillating movies and music videos, falsely portraying us American women as happy and satisfied, proud of dressing like prostitutes, and content without families. Most of us are not happy, trust me. Millions of us are on anti-depressant medication, hate our jobs, and cry at night over the men who told us they loved us, then greedily used us and walked away. They would like to destroy your families and convince you to have fewer children. They do this by presenting marriage as a form of slavery, motherhood as a curse, and being modest and pure as old-fashioned. They want you to cheapen yourself and lose your faith. They are like the Serpent tempting Eve with the apple. Don’t bite.


I see you as precious gems, pure gold, or the “pearl of great value” spoken of in the Bible (Matthew 13: 45). All women are pearls of great value, but some of us have been deceived into doubting the value of our purity. Jesus said: “Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you” (Matthew 7: 6). Our pearls are priceless, but they convince us that they’re cheap. But trust me; there is no substitute for being able to look in the mirror and seeing purity, innocence and self-respect staring back at you.

The fashions coming out of the Western sewer are designed to make you believe that your most valuable asset is your sexuality. But your beautiful dresses and veils are actually sexier than any Western fashion, because they cloak you in mystery and show self-respect and confidence. A woman’s sexuality should be guarded from unworthy eyes, since it should be your gift to the man who loves and respects you enough to marry you. And since your men are still manly warriors, they deserve no less than your best. Our men don’t even want purity anymore. They don’t recognize the pearl of great value, opting for the flashy rhinestone instead. Only to leave her too!

Your most valuable assets are your inner beauty, your innocence, and everything that makes you who you are. But I notice that some Muslim women push the limit and try to be as Western as possible, even while wearing a veil (with some of their hair showing). Why imitate women who already regret, or will soon regret, their lost virtue? There is no compensation for that loss. You are flawless diamonds. Don’t let them trick you into becoming rhinestones. Because everything you see in the fashion magazines and on Western television is a lie. It is Satan’s trap. It is fool’s gold.

A Woman’s Heart

I’ll let you in on a little secret, just in case you’re curious: pre-marital sex is not even that great. We gave our bodies to the men we were in love with, believing that that was the way to make them love us and want to marry us, just as we had seen on television growing up. But without the security of marriage and the sure knowledge that he will always stay with us, it’s not even enjoyable! That’s the irony. It was just a waste. It leaves you in tears.

Speaking as one woman to another, I believe that you understand that already. Because only a woman can truly understand what’s in another woman’s heart. We really are all alike. Our race, religion or nationalities do not matter. A woman’s heart is the same everywhere. We love. That’s what we do best. We nurture our families and give comfort and strength to the men we love. But we American women have been fooled into believing that we are happiest having careers, our own homes in which to live alone, and freedom to give our love away to whomever we choose. That is not freedom. And that is not love.

Only in the safe haven of marriage can a woman’s body and heart be safe to love. Don’t settle for anything less. It’s not worth it. You won’t even like it and you’ll like yourself even less afterwards. Then he’ll leave you.


Sin never pays. It always cheats you. Even though I have reclaimed my honor, there’s still no substitute for having never been dishonored in the first place. We Western women have been brainwashed into thinking that you Muslim women are oppressed. But truly, we are the ones who are oppressed; slaves to fashions that degrade us, obsessed with our weight, begging for love from men who do not want to grow up. Deep down inside, we know that we have been cheated.

We secretly admire and envy you, although some of us will not admit it. Please do not look down on us or think that we like things the way they are. It’s not our fault. Most of us did not have fathers to protect us when we were young because our families have been destroyed. You know who is behind this plot. Don’t be fooled, my sisters. Don’t let them get you too. Stay innocent and pure. We Christian women need to see what life is really supposed to be like for women. We need you to set the example for us, because we are lost. Hold onto your purity. Remember: you can’t put the toothpaste back in the tube. So guard your “toothpaste” carefully!

I hope you receive this advice in the spirit in which it is intended: the spirit of friendship, respect, and admiration. From your Christian sister with love

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

who knew..

who knew being a teacher would be this hard. definitely not me

*aku lelah dgn penat. oh Allah, kuatkan!*

Monday, August 24, 2009

sometimes we just need to kick ourselves

i never thought i would say this but today apparently i will:


and it is all thanks to the teaching experience durjana that I have to go through this two week.
it is only the first day of my teaching experience and im feeling that my life has been drained out of me. im. totally. knackered. when i havent really started yet. all i did was observing how my associate teacher teach and manage the classroom and once in a while I try to appear intrested in what the kids are doing (while they must think that im such a bz body to keep peering over their homeworks)

now i totally understand how it feels to be in the working force. now i totally get it why people say studying is the best stage of life no matter how psycho it can make u feels at time.

it makes me afraid to be in the real world. huhu.

well, but this is the path i chose, although i complained a lot, im not going to back out.
because I know, Allah had destined me to take this profession for a reason. and one reason I can think of is because it is a very good channel for Da'wah. so persevere sarah!! whenever i feel that things are going tough, i always remember this ayat from Quran:

( فَإِنَّ مَعَ ٱلۡعُسۡرِ يُسۡرًا (٥) إِنَّ مَعَ ٱلۡعُسۡرِ يُسۡرً۬ا (٦

which means: "So, verily, with every difficulty, there's a relief (5) Verily, with every difficulty there's a relief (6) [Al-Insyirah]

beautiful2 verse, with a beautiful2 meaning, as if talking directly to me.

I should know better: Org Islam mesti berjiwa besar! we muslims must be strong!!

p/s- I really2 miss reciting to His love letter *cry*

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

makhluk yang asing

Rasulullah s.a.w pernah bersabda

"Sesungguhnya Islam datang dalam keadaan asing dan akan kembali dalam keadaan asing sebagaimana awalnya, maka beruntunglah orang-orang yang terasing“.

Para sahabat kemudian bertanya: "Siapa orang-orang asing Ya Rasulullah?’ ‘Mereka adalah orang-orang yang melakukan perbaikan ketika orang-orang mulai melakukan kerusakan." (HR. Ath-Thabrani).

aku ingin jadi org2 yg terasing itu. O Allah, pls count me in!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

sape name die faraha angkat tgn!! =)

still by the same poet master, Hafez , and since u enjoyed it so much dis tym I dedicated this for u

When I want to kiss God

No one is looking

I swallow deserts and clouds
And chew on mountains knowing
They are sweet

When no one is looking and I want
To Kiss

I just lift my own hand

(taken from The Gift,translated by Daniel Ladinsky)

What a sweet2 poem. dont u think?

MY pictures,NOT yours

this is what i just find out from an old friend. that he has been keeping my pictures. and this is what i feel.

i hate it when people take my personal belonging without my permission. and yes, that include stealing my pictures from the facebook. no, its not ok. yes, i am also to blame. i should have known this would be the risk of uploading your pictures online. I used to not care whether people wants to take keep my picture in their laptop. but i now i DO care. because its wrong. now that i am aware i dont like thinking about what will they do with my pictures. it is also wrong because it shows how obsess u are. when u shouldnt be obsess with human beings more than u are obsess with your God. do u think Allah will like the act you keeping the picture of a women who is not your mahram? and truly Allah is the best judge of your intention. if u know better, u'll delete the pictures.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

For a single Tear

For a Single Tear

Know of beauty
That no one has ever

How could that be possible
When I may seem
So new in infinite time?

It is because Allah belongs to only you!

Did u hear that?
Did u hear what Hafiz just said?

God belongs to only you!
It is the only reasonable payment
For a single

-Hafiz, a great Sufi master

I found this one book of translated poem by a muslim poet yesterday at the mosque open day.
cant get over the beauty and the wisdom of the words in describing his love for the one and only God, Allah. so i decided to write down some of it. what do u think?

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


saye rase saye da terlebih mkn. well,bkn rase, mmg pun.
kwn2, ingat ye, kalau da tau kejap lagi nak dinner, jgn mkn 3 keping roti sambil berserta biskut biskutan cecah air teh o panas diikuti dgn sushi. nanti jadi mcm saye. semput.

tula, nabi da pesan da tak elok mkn byk sgt. tak dgr. ikut sgt nafsu. huhu. tak ikut ckp nabi nilah jadinye.

ive vowed not to complain but pls pls pls allow me this one chance. i want this week to end fast!! its been a crazy bz week. assignment yang ntah btul ntah tak. islamic awareness week to handle. and dont get me started on the mdia 102 tute tomorrow which I absolutely loath.

but next week is not going to get any easier either. 2 test back to back!! and with NO holiday to look forward to!! tak aci wuwu. nape teaching experience kne amik sampai 2 minggu..huhu. there goes my holiday. 2 weeks. burn just like dat.

ntahla ntahla ntahla. dont kno wat to think. dont want to think.

kate2 pemujuk kpd diri sendiri: takpe sarah, bertahan, org islam kne kuat!! ni amanah, ko dihantar ke sini mmg suruh belajar pun, bkn bercuti. jihad melawan nafsu!!


Saturday, August 8, 2009

push me

once a procrastinator, always a procrastinator. well, at least in my case. huhu.

I intended on starting my MDIA 102 assignment since last monday and guess what, its already saturday and I havent written a nada

bkn taknak buat. saye btul2 tak tau nak buat camne. and i cant help but questioning myself whether taking this paper is really the right decision? helpppppppppppppppppp.

sbb cuak sgt tak start apape lagi, i type the question.
kunun2 menyedapkan hati da taip sket. (YELATU SARAHHH!! soalan tak masuk dalam wordcounts ok!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

takutnye takutnye takutnyeeeeeeeeeeeeee... so malam ni nak tak nak kne try gak at least da type 500, ok??? jgn berlengah lengah lagi wahai diri sendiri

u can do it!! huk!!

xpe2. pasni solat hajat mintak tolong Allah mudahkan. sesungguhnye Dia lah sandaran terbaik.

sape2 yang bace post ni sorylah sbb post ni merapu. (oh, mcm sebelum ni tak merapu je cik sarrr.)
i need to write this in order to push myself. da byk sgt memain,huhu. ok, go sarah go!! lwan setan montel yang bergayut gayut kat mate tu

anyway,today i am thankful to Allah for:

keeping my loved ones safe wherever they are and for the biggest nikmat: iman and islam

p/s- i miss vacationing with my family. i miss vacation. which is not coming anytime soon. haish. sarah, remember u've vowed to urself dat u will stop grumbling??

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

ble nak sedar

thanks to a friend, today she shared with me a video on utube regarding palestin.

palestin is not a new issue indeed. the cruelty of the jews towards the muslims there has been going on for far too long while the world watch and do practically nothing to change the situation. (oh, OIC tu jgn ckpla.setakat ooo i see..)

boikot pun bermusim. ble media tgh hebat tayangkan peperangan kat palestin barula semua pun rase guilty nak mkn mcD, KFC. tapi ble media dah reda sket, mule balik sokong barang2 yahudi tu.

oh, kalau lah kite rase sendiri teruknya org islam kne torture, anak dibunuh dpn mata sendiri, saudara perempuan kita diperkosa, budak2 kecik dipijak pijak dan diluku luku oleh yahudi laknatullah kat negara diorg sendiri dgn duit yang kita byr utk beli brg keluaran yahudi dgn alasan 'tak tahan', mungkin kita takkan sanggup keluar duit utk diorg.

semoga aku akan tegar memboikot brgn yahudi, aminn..

lagi satu yg buat aku tergerak nak menulis malam ni, aku rase sedih ble compare org melayu kita ni, yang diberi nikmat aman, diberi peluang belajar oversea, tapi kufur nikmat. kite hidup aman damai tapi berapa ramai yang hidup dlm maksiat. bangga letak gmbr pergi club kat facebook, bangga tayang gmbr pegang botol arak, berpeluk pelukan laki perempuan. tak ingat Allah.

mungkin korg patut dicampakkan ke palestin. mungkin baru sedar. mungkin korg baru ingat Allah.

tapi utk sekarang, ape yang aku boleh buat, ialah doakan semoga shbt2ku berubah, semoga Allah berikan kita semua hidayah. sbb semua manusia mmg dilahirkan baik. sbb sbg manusia, aku sayang mereka semua kerana Allah.

melayu, sedarlah betapa kita semakin jauh dari landasan Allah. tak mustahil Allah turunkan bala kat malaysia sbg balasan kekufuran kita. ble mcm tu, sempat kah kita kembali pada Allah?

Saturday, August 1, 2009

just because

just because u share everything with that person doesnt mean that that person will do the same to you
i guess just because that person really means a lot to you doesnt mean he/she will feel the same way too

well, just because.

stop being nosy, u.. learn how to.

dari mana nk kemana

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