Saturday, May 16, 2009

da lame da kan tak tulis blog
i just cudden find the tym (or the mood) to write one although there were actually many intresting thing i could talk about
hmm, lets start from the beginning of the week..

Friday 8th may 2009

Happy bday bro!!
it was the day I became a sister 19 years ago (not sure whether its a gud thing or the tragedy of my life..haha, kidding)
though we're not that kind of sitcom brother-sister type (u know wat i mean, protective brother, caring sister, always in good term relationship, etc. etc. (yawnnnn...)) and we fight a lot over the silliest things (on who's turn it is to play the computer, about you always being kind to me only when u got a favor to ask, about how i was mean to u and make u feel as if u are the underachiever of our family, and the list goes on...)

the list goes on, yeah, but the thing is, at the time I was writing this and trying to think about all the things we've fought about, there was not one significant fight that is worth mentioning. its not like we never had a big fight, we actually had big fight ALL the time.

oh how i remember the times when I hated u soo much i was planning on hiring an assassin to kill you when i have the money (true story guys, no kidding, haha)
the times when my lip almost bleed because i was biting it so hard (tgh geram kann)
the times when i really feel like spanking you (but i cant because I was afraid you'll hit me back, i
know u wil)

but no matter how angry I was at dat tym, and how i wished i dont have a brother like u, now when i think about it in retrospective,it seems so insignificant now (whether because i have a very bad memory or i am a very forgiving person, ehem) and watever it is, you are my brother through and through, always

there were good times too, remember the one time during hari raya that both of us talk at tok cu's house as if we havent met for a long time (sampai diorg pun heran kan, or the times when we go fishing ikan talapia with ayah at a big longkang near our house (see, we
can spend some quality tym together when u are not too busy courting your computer)

and i know dat i can depend on u if i need u. i remember the time when my boss's son almost punch me in the face and when u know about this mama told me that u almost want to bashed him up too. i didnt tell u this, but i was really touched (though of coz u wud only make things messier if u
did punch him)

although i seem a cold, bad, uncaring sister to u,u should know that i really care for u. u are the only brother i have, and if i ask u about your studies and what not, it is not because i like to be a bz body person but it is because im really concern about you.

and the thing about me calling u underachiever, u are nothing of that sort, trust me, cause' u are among the smartest person in our family. (haha, i still cant get over not passing the PTS test kan). i just say dat to hurt u, because u hurt me at that tym..teruk kan kite ni??we sucks as a sibling.. but the truth is, u can be great, u have the potential and i
know u can

eh, terpanjang plak kan tulis pasal since this is a late entry, happy belated birthday my dear bro, always know that im here for you.jgn tensen2.. kalau boleh spend la more tym with ur family.. jgnla balik umah pun asik mengadap computer je.. dis are the times to create memories. u wont be at home forever..pasni da kawen mane ade spend tym ngan mama ayah lagi now collect all the memories u can before its too late. before u suddenly realize that u have nothing worth remembering about us..


hafiz CHouJi said...

Blood is always thicker than water no matter what.

I always fight with my younger brother too. What always pisses me off about him is that, he is academically way more capable than I am yet he never bothered to make use of it.

And he's always with his friends, rarely at home to spend more quality time with my parents.

In this sense, aren't we kinda alike? It's difficult to tell our younger brother that we love and care so much about them but deep in our heart, we do. We always do, don't we?

Sha said...

happy birthday amir!!
i still couldn't forget the first time I saw you at A&W seremban

oh btw sarah, about that PTS thingy,
please just get over it
passing PTS doesn't really mean that he/she is a pure genius
some of us are just plain lucky *wink wink*

mizzshaina said...

hahaha,,korg jumpe tym a n w? camne ye?
kite pun da tak ingat..haha..
mane ade lucky, u ARE a genius sha. have faith in yourself. hehehe

Sha said...

i'm supposed to be anonymous!!!
(insecure much sha?)

ala,kn kite terjmpe awk kt a&w
time tu bru blk form cuti yg panjaanngg
and amir pn muke cm innocent2 lg

mizzshaina said...

oops sorry darling.
so patutnye kite ckp name samaran awk ke??
haha.. tak phm.

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