Sunday, August 16, 2009

For a single Tear

For a Single Tear

Know of beauty
That no one has ever

How could that be possible
When I may seem
So new in infinite time?

It is because Allah belongs to only you!

Did u hear that?
Did u hear what Hafiz just said?

God belongs to only you!
It is the only reasonable payment
For a single

-Hafiz, a great Sufi master

I found this one book of translated poem by a muslim poet yesterday at the mosque open day.
cant get over the beauty and the wisdom of the words in describing his love for the one and only God, Allah. so i decided to write down some of it. what do u think?


hafiz CHouJi said...

A beautiful poem indeed. :') Do you have the full poem? I'm Hafiz(uddin) too, which means 'The Keeper or the Guardian (of ad-Deen)' and I'm ashamed of myself because I don't think I'm fulfilling that role. Not even in my I could ever put myself in comparison to the great Sufi Master.

By the way, I was somewhat reminded of Raihan's Mengemis Kasih when I read this poem.

My two pence:
It's funny when we always do good deeds and charity in hope of Allah's rewards. I remember Jumaat khutbah from two weeks ago telling a story about The Prophet (pbuh) was asked by his companions about why he prayed so hard when it is confirmed that all his sins were forgiven (prophets are ma'som, remember?), and the Prophet answered, "Is it wrong for me to be a grateful servant to Allah?"

I think, whatever we do, we should do it because of Allah out of sincerity - seeking His Mardhiah and His Maghfirah. When we are able to be a grateful servant, only then we can taste the sweetness of Iman (halaawatul Imaan).

~p/s: I like your new profile description - especially about you err but want to repent, about inner beauty and about the will to fight for your faith. :')

mizzshaina said...

this IS the full poem. wat i meant by i wrote down some of it is that i only copied 3 of the poems.

its great that u could appreciate the poem. by the way,hafiz is not his real name. since u are aware that u are not living it up (the meaning of ur name i mean) why dont u put an effort to change? we all can change u know. just need to push ourselves a little bit harder. a reminder for me too

hafiz CHouJi said...

Ah, you meant only 3 from the book? Got it. I was doing some volunteer work down in the basement that day and didn't go up except for the time I went for Zuhur prayer. So I didn't check stuffs upstairs. Man, I missed good stuffs so it seems.

I remember my favourite ustaz back in my secondary school told me this: "Improve yourself everyday. It doesn't matter how little the changes are as long as you persist and persevere."

So yeah, I have been putting an effort to change ever since, though I might sometimes forgot. Sometimes the hardest thing to do is not to change, but to keep ourselves from falling back into the 'previous state of ignorance' we were once in.

That's why it is enlightening to read entries and other sources of information that reminds us about it to keep us from being led astray.

I pray Allah will keep us all firmly on the straight path that leads to His Mardhiah and Maghfirah. Ameen~

Faraha Hamidi said...

refreshing sarah. lain dri all the western poems i ve come across. soul-ly rich. =)

mizzshaina said...

touching kan. ade 2 lagi kte salin. rase cam nak amik je buku tu. haha. selame ni tak terfikir pun yang org Islam pun ade gak poet2 hebat

Faraha Hamidi said...

copy la the book. if that makes u happy. lgipun bermanfaat. post la more of these. kite pun skarang tgh gile bce poems. love poems la stakat ni. entah kenape tbe2 suke. mse dlu2 benci pulak. hehe.

tp sbnrnye poems are all beautiful, lagi beautiful kalo they become means to spread the love of/ towards Allah. just like what this poem (yg awk post ni) did. sgt membuke minda.

good job kawan! =D

mizzshaina said...

btol2. i guess dulu kite kne pakse. sbb tu la tak ske. and kne analyze summo.. now we are reading it for pleasure and no pressure, i guess thats why now we like it more

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