Saturday, February 27, 2010

my life so far..


crazy. but i love it. i love my new house. i love my housemates. i love having things to do. i love having things to look forward to. i love assignment . i love wellington. i love the weather. i love the view. i love love love. life is good. 

thank you Allah !

p/s- mood baik sbb tak start kelas lagi. heheh


iynas said...

teringinnya nak ada perasaan tu..huhu..i miss welly and the craziness!!

mizzshaina said...

come back again then iynas! come for ur honeymoon.. heheh.. u know, actually its u guys yang da balik ni la yang buat kite learn to appreciate every single thing in welly ni, while i can.. hehe.. and thanks a lot for that!

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