Saturday, March 20, 2010

“Shall we make a new rule of life from tonight: always try to be a little kinder than is necessary.”- James Matthew Berry

i need to grow up

i need to stop being upset and sad everytime it happens

i need to learn to let go

i need to

need to

O Allah, pls pls pls help me. SOS

sometimes I wonder what it is like to live in outerspace, far from this place. I heard there's no sound in space?


hafiz CHouJi said...


What's wrong, Sarah? Time of the month? Okay, just kidding there.

Well, just a reminder. Whatever things happened that bother you, leave everything to Allah while at the same time strive to better the situation. Don't worry too much, and pray hard. InsyaAllah, He is always there for you and all His servants. :')

mizzshaina said...

hahaha..the time of the month seems to be all the time having an emotional roller coaster.. and the hard part is ive realized that this time it cant be shared with anyone because im afraid that they will judge me..huhuu

anyway, thanks for dropping by.. ive been missing ur thoughtful comments

hafiz CHouJi said...

Awww, can't say I'm not touched. Heh.

You know, sometimes we afraid of being judged by FRIENDS when we should have realised that only Allah has the right to judge us. And we often feel frustrated with things/people around us because we put (unrealistic) expectation on them. Expectations are good, it is something we aim for; but make sure they are realistic enough. Okay, wow, now I've started crapping in your blog again. Ahaha.

Anyways, your comment-from-the-heart (as you called it) is also being missed in my blog. *hint*

Faraha Hamidi said...

sar what happened? i think i can relate. kdg2 ade bende rse nak lepas je tp sgt takut sbb takut people will judge me. anyhow. be strong. just remember, u're not alone in this. someone somewhere is having worst. =)

mynameisyuyu said...

see cik sar, u dun need 2 tell the stories, yet u still get the support..

i agree with coji..kte patut lbh takut dgn judgement dr Tuhan, bkn manusia..and, kte pn kne sedar, kte sgt tak layak utk judge org lain..

you have EVERY rights to stand up for urself sarah..

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