Sunday, July 25, 2010

it's just one of those nights

it was a really longgggggggggggggggggggggggg day and I am barely able to keep my eyes open, but I know I just have to record this down

Tonight (24th July) was one of those night when we talked and we laughed and we joked like there is no tomorrow

And I am almost 100 % sure that it would be one of the nights that would be badly missed by me in the very near future.

life goes on, and will goes on, no matter u like it or not. It's just the fact that I would miss it sooo damn much that I am not looking forward to.

Would we be able to smile and laugh just as much when we are no longer together and when the days just seem longer?


Miss Dels said...

awww~ :)

mizzshaina said...

hahhaha..aww too.. im not looking forward to the scared!!

Anonymous said...

tau x, by this time of the year tahun dpan kte dh xde kat sini..kte dh msk mrsm buat praktikal..wuwu..nk celebrate b'day dgn bdk2 kena histeria ke weh..?haha..tak mau..aku dgn k.long dh start menghargai welly dgn lebih mendalam..haha..everytime pn nmpak lmpu mlm2 kt town, ckp "we'll miss this place soon" wuwu..

Faraha Hamidi said...

missing this too. =)

Sha said...

wah new layout!!!

ah, i even started to feel nostalgic right now.
im definitely gonna miss u girls and miss being this carefree!! huhu
forgive me dear friends for being so emo last nite, i was trying really hard to host a successful,wonderful,uninterrupted event for all of us to fondly remember. haha

mizzshaina said...

yuyu: true, when u're lookung through the eyes of "this might be the last chance to remember it all", you'll appreciate things more and would not take things for granted

farah: miss u too!! if only we'll be placed in the same school huh? that would be a blast and things wont suck as much! hehe

sha: dont worry, in the end people only remember the great part of an event.. if everything ends well, then the party is well.. heheh

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