Friday, September 24, 2010

Have u ever ever ever

Have u ever be in a situation where you receive something more than you deserve?

say for example, in an exam which you feel you have done it badly and you think there's 100 % chance that u really gonna fail it freaks the heck out of you, and the thought of receiving the paper back caused u goosebumps, but when you finally have the courage to check ur marks, u did not only pass the exam, but u got an A for that paper

no, I did not just got an A in an exam. that was just a hypothetical example but surely, at least once in your life, u've encountered such miracles? whenever I receive something more than I deserve, I felt so small, and so overwhelmed by Allah's kindness and grace towards me. As human, we tend to forget, and always forget, that Allah is indeed the only one who decides what we will receive, either bad or good. Either you think you deserve it or not. 

But we are always so scared of spending more time for Allah - often we feel burdened and reluctant going to study circle where we get to learn more about our own deen or listening to a religious lecture at the mosque/uni, worrying that we wont get enough time to finish our assignment on time/studying for the exam (when we actually have time to stalk people on FB every 5 minutes, watching latest clip videos of our favourite korea boy band etc., blog hopping, etc. etc.). Dont worry, Im not just talking about other people, I do that sometimes too. All I am saying is, we always use exam or assignment excuses for not spending more time for Him, but do we realize that it is Allah, who is the BEST of providers? Even when we spend every single minute of our life studying, but if Allah is not please with us and He wont grant us success, who else do you think can help us? yes, you got that right- NO ONE.

so whatever we do, we should always remember that, in the end its up to Allah to decide whether we will be successful or not. so study a lot, and pray a lot more. and dont fret if He still doesnt grant u much this time, its just His way to test you. And sometimes, even bad grades are better for us, as a reminder that we shouldnt easily be pleased with ourselves, and Allah wants us to work harder. Apa-apa pun, sentiasa bersangka baiklah dengan Allah. Remember, orang mukmin itu bila mendapat nikmat dia bersyukur, bila di timpa kesusahan dia bersabar. 

And may we be among those who Allah considers as "mukmineen". Ameenn =))


hafiz CHouJi said...

"Allah itu seperti apa yang hamba-Nya fikir dan sangkakan," maksud dari riwayat sepotong hadith.

Thanks, Sarah, for this reminder. It was refreshing reading this. Really.

And you sound so matured and grown-up in this entry too. :')

mizzshaina said...

yeah, i've heard of that hadith before..

thanks chouji, for reading. its nothing new really and its common sense. its just that kadang2 kita terlepas pandang. dats why i need to write this down so I can remember insyaAllah

matured la sgt. haha. awal2 je cam rajin. ble da hujung2 tu x tau camne nak endingkan die. dats why its kinda abrupt. ah well, nobody can have ur talent eh choji? hehe

mizzshaina said...

* i dont mean nobody, i meant not everybody

hafiz CHouJi said...

Urm . . . what do mean by my "talent" tu, Sarah? *blur*

mizzshaina said...

aish. ur talent in writing la. buat2 segan plak. haha

hafiz CHouJi said...

Ah, thanks for the compliment. But still; you get better language than me, minus grammar. Ehehe.

The cerpen I wrote "Peganglah Pada Janjiku" may be chosen to be published in a compilation of Islamic short stories. I am expanding the story now. Please do pray it gets selected eh? Thanks~ :')

mizzshaina said...

haha. celah mana i have better language. and yeah, my grammar seems to has a mind of its own. haha.

hey dats great news! i wish u all the best. insyaAllah, ada rezki ada. kalau xde, there's always next time insyaAllah

by the way, is there any significance behind that story? you'll let me be among the know if anything good is coming up right?? u better be!

hafiz CHouJi said...

Tak tau la celah mana kan but your English sounds more native-like. *ignoring all grammatical errors founds throughout this entry*

InsyaAllah. Ada rejeki, gets published. Takde rejeki, boleh publish di blog je. :'D

Urm, no significance behind the story. Just expressing my opinion and a dedication to a somebody-you-know-who-but-better-not-mentioned. Ahaha. InsyaAllah, I'll let you know if there is something good happening. :')

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