Thursday, May 26, 2011

simple things that make me happy

you know, just like my sister, I think there is also a possibility that I too, might have attention deficit disorder. Concentrating on one thing is so so hard for me. Anyhow, tonight I am trying very diligently to complete all the task that I have planned to do (where I listed all  in a paper and make a point to tick each one when I'm done). But just a little escapism before I start on studying for my test, look what have made me very happy today!!:

"Shimmering with glitter these cards are sure to impress" (and so they claim)

aww pretty sweet dont you think (ke aku je yang perasan). Boleh buat kad invitation bertunang (tetibe. HAHA)

the middle one is my favourite!

I bought it at warehouse stationary. It was a really good bargain (10 dolars for 24 cards, so around 42 cents each). Crazy cheap huh? Each box has 6 different designs and I think there were 36 different designs all together. It was all so pretty it was really hard to make up my mind I end up buying 2 boxes of this (I think its worth it cause im happyy).

Ok. Iklan tamat. Sarah, sila sambung buat kerja


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