Saturday, September 24, 2011

Hello impersonator


Hello Hello Helloooooo
Hi all
I know ive been quite quiet (ha hows that for a tongue twister, or even an eye twister? heheh), its just that living in the area where the phone coverage is almost non-existence, let alone having an internet connection is really not a good booster for blog-writing. Yup im back in Malaysia and right now I am doing my practical in MRSM Kuala Kubu Baru, a cute, peaceful and beautiful town where you can take a tour around the whole city in less than 10 minutes but I must admit it bores me to death. That is the reason I come back home once a week, just because I need to recharge myself and find the strength to continue fighting on, week in week out.

Anyway, the thing that has made me wanting to write again is because *surprise surprise* apparently i have been informed by one of my friends that somebody actually took pictures and entries from this blog and put it in her blog, as if that is her pictures and she is the one writing the entries. Ok to be honest I've actually read about this kind of thing before, in one of the blog im reading. One of the bloggers writes on how the story of how she met her future husband was totally being  copied by this one girl (but she changed the pictures) as if it is her love story. But I never would have thought that someone would copy the entries from my blog, cause its not that great a blog anyway (I write merapu kerapu stuffs).

Now I totally understand why the blogger was pretty upset about her stories being stolen. True, there might not be a big harm being done to us by someone copying our writings. Looking at it in a different perspective, we should also be flattered that somebody somewhere in the world are wishing to lead the life we are leading that they are actually stealing our stories. But the thing about stealing the stories is that they actually mock our sincerity in writing those entries. When I read back my entries that she has chose to put into her blog as her entries, I feel upset because those were the entries I wrote when I was feeling really emotional (be it happy, upset, sad, excited, etc.), those were my entries about my loved ones-my family and my friends (how could you copy my whole entry about me missing my family and and put the pictures of your family instead?? Thats quite cheap dont you think?) and I wrote them from my heart. You might think it is so easy to pen anything in a blog but it was not easy for me. Its not often that I have something to say and when I do say its because it is something really meaningful to me. It is special, its my brainchild, no matter how stupid and menial it seems to others. What the blog theft is doing is not just stealing writings, she is actually cheapening the value of those memories.

And dont you think its weird too? Why would you need to have someone else's pictures in your blog to claim that it is you? Are you that unhappy with your life that you need to pretend that you are living in a different way? I only have one advice for you dear Miss Blog Theft if you are reading this, no matter how boring, uneventful you think your life is, it is the life that Allah has created for you, and the fact that we are alive as the most perfect creature  (according to Quran) on this earth means that it is special enough. Having an interesting life does not have to mean you need to have an eventful life, day in day out, but it depends on how you look at it and how you appreciate the life you are having, every single day. Try writing your own entry, biarlah stupid pun, at least its your own entry, its something that belongs to you, and only you.

So there, I have said what I wanted to say. If u happened to read this dear Miss Blog Theft, I forgive you. But could you please please delete the pictures of me with my friends on your blog? They are my friends you know, not yours=) And thanks for copying the "about me" part. I took some time and thought hard for that and I thought its pretty lovely too (perasan) but I am sure you can come out with something as nicer or even nicer. One tip: do it from your heart.

Amik kau skali tulis panjang berjela jela. ngeh2. huwahh it feels great to write again=)


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