Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sarah The Poet

I hate making decisions.
Unfortunately, being a teacher involves making decisions. LOTS of them.

I am teaching the students poem-writing next week. They have to write 5 types of poem: acrostic, 3 word poem, 9 word poem, metaphor, and a concrete poem. If i am a student having to do this stuff next week I think I am going to be excited and just have fun in the class writing those poems. But no, I am going there as a teacher, and just knowing what to teach does not mean my job is over. The things I am still worry about are:

  • What type of grouping is better in creating those poems (individual, partnership, or groupworks?)
  • How do I group them in the most interesting way?
  • How do I sequence the lesson (ask Ss to present after finishing each poem or let them to finish all the poems first and then present last?)
  • What is the best way for them to present the poems? (write on board or mahjong paper or in A4 stapled together?)
  • What if they are quite slow in thinking (because obviously Malaysian kids are not that used to writing poems) they could not come out with anything? How do I urge them?
  • And many more 
Since my brain had quite a break from thinking this past few months, all this push for thinking is causing it to be in shock. HAHA. Ok mengarut.

Anyway, I am not complaining (well at least I think so). I just want to see in words what ive been worrying about so I can actually see and figure it out, if u know what I mean. 

But actually im also trying hard to psycho myself about "PLANNING IS FUN!!" 

Nah, I actually tried to create some of the poems myself:

  • Acrostic poem:


  • 3-word Poem

  • 9-word Poem (1-2-3-2-1)
smiles brightly
to everyone everywhere
who appreciates
  • Metaphor
Love is a seed
It needs fertilizer and care
To keep it growing

[HAHA I must admit. quite lame laa this one]

Why dont u guys try one to keep the creative juice flowing? Its kinda fun u know.. hehe

p/s- "cuti panjang sudah habis, bro"


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