Wednesday, January 12, 2011

quarter-life crisis

yes. I'm changing to a new layout yet again. I guess I am still in the midst of finding myself, desperately, frantically.

I am going to be 24 this year, and it is freaking me out. just the thought of explaining the things that are worrying me caused me goosebumps, so i wont bother writing it down

So tell me, how do you teach yourself to be a grown up?

 and please, dont tell me its automatic because its just aint happening for me, yet.

It's positive, I'm currently having the so called 'quarter-life crisis'. heh.

Now please, can you heal me?


hafiz CHouJi said...

Salam, Sarah.

Honestly, everyone has to go through certain kind of crises and trials in order to improve and get better. Growing up is nothing different. That is, if we define "grown-up" as mentally, physically and intellectually better/superior than "childhood".

As wise people said, "The gem cannot be polished without frictions; not a man perfected without trials." We both know that Allah has created each one of us unique and there is exactly no one like us in this world. So it takes different trial/crisis/problem to make you grow up. You see, my meat can be your poison and the other way around. So just hang in there and be patient in going through whatever trials Allah is trying you. :')

On another note, try have a look at Erik Erikson's theory of human's stages of life. It can be a good outline to manage and understand our psychological development better.

mizzshaina said...

thanks chouji.. ive always loved your insights on things.. haha but i'd rather u explain to me about the erikson's theory rather than have to dive in into the books (no not yet, not while im on holiday la la la ;p)

anyway, u're absolutely right about trials are wat makes you tougher. i guess i've been too comfortable all my life (and Alhamdulillah3 for that) but it just make me feel dreaded thinking how I would handle things when life gets tough. but i guess i just have to think about how to cross the bridge when I get there dont i? pray for me that I'll be strong enough to manage any future challenge successfully, if not patiently.. huhu

thanks choji. singah2 la lagi.hehe

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