Wednesday, January 12, 2011

a test

I asked for help to be a mature person and oh how fast Allah answered my prayer, by setting me up with a test:

-can I accept it with an open heart when someone else receive the things that I have wanted so much?
-can I still congratulate the other person sincerely and be truly happy for her when I am the losing opponent?

Because u know, i guess one of the signs that you are an adult is when you can be happy for others, even when their happiness may cause you pain and sadness.

Imagine this situation and consider your own reaction:
You and your bestfriend enter a competition which would only have one winner. It so happen that the contestant is only the two of you. And your bestfriend won, while you dont.  

And another sign of matureness is when you can accept people having more than you, without being green with envy.

Another situation for you to put yourself into:
You and your friend graduate at the same time but he/she seems to had it easy. He/she gets more help from the parents so he/she is able to buy a car or a house earlier than you, travel a lot more than you, and is preparing for a wedding earlier than you

What's your reaction? Are you matured enough to be happy for them? Or will you distance yourselves from them so you wont have to witness their happiness while feeling hurt and sad by your own sorry life?

But u know what, as a human we cant help it from being a little bit envious of others, and that 'others' sometimes include people who are in your close social circle. But we also have to remember that as a Muslim, we should belief in the concept of "Rezeki".

If its not meant for you, then it was never meant for you from the start. And if you dont get it now, there's a possibility you might get it later. And if you never do, well maybe because Allah knows best that it is not good for you. Allah knows best, always, and whatever it is, always, always bersangka baiklah dengan Allah.

As the Prophet (PBUH) related to us that Allah says:

"I am as My servant thinks of Me" [Sahih al-Bukhari & Muslim]

and another hadith:

"None of you should ever die except while assuming the BEST about Allah" [Sahih Muslim]

And writing this down, I have felt better already. Hehe

p/s- hows that for a matured girl writing? ;p


hafiz CHouJi said...

Congratulations, Sarah. You did sound somewhat (I didn't want to put your hopes too high by saying, "waaaaay") more matured than the Sarah I knew in Welly. Especially not the Sarah I knew on her first day in Welly. That was way too childish, if you don't mind my being honest here.

Anyway. Allow me to throw in my two-cent opinion here. I think, maturity is not something you can simply attain overnight. It doesn't go BLING! and now you are more matured than before. Maturity is somewhat more subjective, just like the examples you have provided above. If you ask me, it is when you can be more cool-headed, composed and selfless (refer Koehlberg's moral development theory. I'd say, stage 6 of his theory is the most matured). To attain maturity, you have to work hard and put some effort. Even so, sometimes you can revert back to becoming childish at times.

Okay, I should stop now lest I'll write a whole academic comment here and bore you to death. :'p

mizzshaina said...

Haha.. of course not chouji, compared to my friends, Im still a baby.huhu. But its interesting that you still remember how I was like during my first day in welly, hurm ;p

and again, spot on chouji, ure right about maturity is not something you gain overnight. And yeah although I try to be matured about the whole thing, it doesnt mean I am totally ok about losing (because I just love winning too much!). But instead of throwing tantrum and crying in my room or making faces and throwing sarcastic loser remarks whenever I got the chance, I tried to console myself to be patient and think and act like an adult, rationally.

It's tough you know, and it bothers me this whole day (n maybe the next few days too) but Im trying hard not to think too much about it. I guess praying to Allah for the strength helps too cause I know He always listens=)

I dont know if you understand all this ramblings but knowing that someone reads my rave and rant does made me feel a little bit better. and for that thanks!=))

Qistina Fahimi said...

brilliant post Kak Sara!
seeing my friends having 3,4,5,6,7,8 jobs at the moment does make me a lil envy.
after reading ur post. it made my heart feel a lil better.
i might be 'poor' at this very moment, having just one job. but i think Allah has got some other plans for me. maybe in the future. who knows kan?
i should be thankful. at least i have a job.

thanks Kak Sara for sharing.

mizzshaina said...

haha..thanks tina.. it was an entry for me to console myself actually.. ok la tu ada keje satu.. kak sarah xde keje langsung..wuwu.. lagi 'poor' tau (amik ayat tina hehe).. betul2, kalau keje byk2 tapi kite x pandai jaga duit miskin jugak kan.. ataupun mungkin kalau kita keje byk sgt kita kurang ingat kat Allah ke, who knows? so bersyukur la atas apa yang kita ada tapi jgn lupa berusaha jugak dan DOA kat Allah untuk Dia berikan kita yang terbaik cuz verily He knows BEST!! =)

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