Tuesday, May 19, 2009

saye tak pandai bahasa omputih

today i took the time to search for my old blog with the intention to delete it.
i have no problem in finding the old blog alright, all i have to do is type the infamous 'mizz shaina' and there u go, my dear old blog was on the top list.
the problem was, however, i already forgot which email i have to use in order to log in. so camne nak delete kan? tapi dgn usaha yg gigih akhirnye berjaya la gak delete. (walaupun ble google mizz shaina blog tu masih lagi wujud jitu disitu, haish)

ape yg nak diceritakan ialah apabila saye membace balik blog lame itu, saye kagum dgn kepakaran saye berbahasa inggeris pada ketika itu. agak berprestij jugakla dibandingkan dgn sekarang. ayoyooo..

and i call myself a future english teacher? sungguh memalukan hati dan nuraniku.
just today miss dreamer (puas hati identiti anda tidak diketahui??hehe) and I talked about how we used to criticized our literature teacher during the a level era.
bukannye kutuk tudung die tak matching ke ape, its just that we felt that as an english teacher who used to study oversea,she should be more fluent in english.
and i remember thinking 'this is wat happen when perkampungan melayu wujud di oversea'. u dont get to be fluent because u stick to ur own group and speak ur mother tongue.then wats the difference between studying oversea and local? i can think of two: the weather and the season. huh.

and i remember making a vow to myself that i wont be like that. i want to talk like the native english speaker talk.ceh.of coz of coz of coz, things are easier said than done.

tgkla skang ni. name je duk oversea. but i cant even speak english fluently. i dont even have one mat saleh fren and i cant help but get rather intimidated with the locals. bknnye taknak bercampur gaul,tapi kan, masalahnye, i always felt that they kinda look down on us? i always get the impression that they think we're less smart than them.just because we came from a country which they dont know how to pronounce or spell the name. takkan la cam kite plak yg tergedik gedik kan nak cam rapat ngan diorg? i dont kno. ke im the one who is shallow minded?

but anyhow, i have to work hard to improve my english. lain la kalau kne mengajar kat sepilok.salah ckp in english pun org tak perasan kut.hehe.

okla.cukupla merapu utk malam ini.sakit leher da

perancangan utk malam ini:

1.dah2 la tu sarah blog hopping.kang kne sumpah jadi katak camne?
2.stadi pasal allophone and phoneme.apehal x phm2 nihh..tertelan sabun ke mase mandi
3.buat ALIN. go sarah go kill the paper!!

tapi mengapekah daku rase sungguh tak bersemangat skali?
ngantokkk ngantokkk. pls lempang.
sarah buat cpt sarah. esok nak tgk wayang. take that as incentive for the your hard work tonight. (hahhh?? hard kee?? we'll see)

today im grateful to Allah for:

letting me breath and see the world for another day,and keeping everyone i love healthy and happy(i think)

my wishlist for tonight:

being able to understand keLING 211
ade progress dlm esaimen (pls3)

berusaha!! huk!


Unknown said...

hello syg thanks for stopping by. bakal cikgu ye! dulu Alevel di mana??

i linked ur blog oredi. hope u dont mind.;)

mizzshaina said...

no i dont mind,tapi segan je. blog bosan.
hehe. dulu a level kat kolej mara seremban.. tau ke?

Unknown said...

hey dear, u have the privilege of living overseas, where others would do anything to get the same experience. buck it up, and start talking and chatting up storms, sometimes strangers are easier to talk with. start with people who u think wont let u down, like an old lady that needs help crossing a street or a child.

i used to live in the states and felt like a total moron cause i didnt know one single word in english. i was 6 back then and children were cruel. but i took ESL classes and was more of a mat salleh in a year , speech wise.hahaha.

all the best

mizzshaina said...

yeah, i think i just gonna have to do that.
eh samela, i was in the state too,right until i was 6 months old (which gave me no chance to practice my english whatsoever,except maybe 'ma!!',eh, da pandai ke pun ckp tym tu..)

thanks for ur advice. berusaha sarah!!

old ladiesss, here i comeee!! hehe

Sha said...

may i add:
u guys always think that "takkan la cam kite plak yg tergedik gedik kan nak cam rapat ngan diorg?"
i dont think its entirely true dear

the reason why they didn't talk to us (I think)
is because we are always together in one big group
and also we often talk in our mother tongue
and also because of our appearance (but i dont think that this is the main reason)
i think they found us about intimadating since we are always together and talk in alanguage that they couldn't understand even when we're working together with them in a group

imagine when you have to work with people but they keep on chatting among themselves and you couldn't understand a thing?
how would you feel about it?
it's the same situation for them
have you ever noticed that when we try and approach them on our own(alone)they will warmly accept us (tgk org la juge.but most of them are cool with it)?
it's not that they look down on us or anything like that (perangai diorg in this sense lagi mulia dr org melayu yg sentiase nk pndg buruk je kt org laen)
it's just that we ourselves are not being open to them
kite harap diorg yg approach kite. apeka? name pn duk tpt org lg mo blagak.haha
yela, kt klas pn nk duk sume skali sederet kn
dh umah pn dh duduk skali,
mmg xde chance la nk mingle with others

before you put the blame on someone else
reflect upon ur actions 1st
although i do agree that some of them from our teap class are always try to avoid being in the some group with us (it's our 2nd year with them. i must say that we undtsd their attitude pretty well ey?)

so my point is,
stop thinking that we're "tgedik2" nk kawan dgn diorg
"gedik" is not even in their dictionary
org melayu yg rase insecure je suke ckp mcmtu
hey have u ever wonder why some of us (you know. the dds) are able to mingle with the locals?
ever noticed their attitudes about people?

nevertheless, i'm in the same boat as you.
it's just hard when you have this perkampungan melayu,
and when you have the same classes as your friends.

sometmes i do feel like i want to sit somewhere else but i just cant ey?
without hurting someone else or without others making fun of me e.g("uuuuu,,, die duk dgn mat saleh weii.." or "yelaaa..sapela kite2 ni..")
(ok matila ak kalu diorg tau ak ckp cmni. but guys, it's true!!)

it's our attitudes that need to be changed
more than anything else.

but like you said,
it's easier said than done.

mizzshaina said...

just the the exact response i expected from u
rase tertampar jap. anyway wat u said is true, tak salah pun
maybe i shud rephrase my statement, ONE of the reasons that we dont feel comfortable speaking with them is because we didnt get a good respond, or maybe the conversation didnt went as well as we wanted to. cam contohnye, tetibe lost for word kan, tak tau nak tanye ape da..
tapi btul la, tak leh nk salahkan org je, kne tgk diri sendiri dulu. hehe

tapi kan sha, yg awk ckp pasal takut org kate tu, tu lagi la satu alasan yang tak bleh pakai..hehe.. asal nak kisah org ckp ape pun, as long as u know wat u want and why u want it (hehe, matila kne bantai ngan sha pasnihh)

but anyway, again, things are easier said than done. but lets try make an effort, one step at a time

Sha said...

bile type tu pn kte pk gk..
asal nk kisah pn ape org ckp?

tp i do care whether i like it or not

awk x kesah ke cik sar?
*wink wink*

marilah berusaha!!
i think,
the easiest way is to not be in the same tutorial group
haruslah mtk for diff time than others
tp last2 xtahulah kn
dh mmg nasib slalu dpt satu klas same

mizzshaina said...

kite mmg ade syndrom TOK (takut org kate)tu,
but dat was not the reason why i didnt mingle with the kiwis..eheh..

takpe sha, pasni awk da nak amik subject how to read tu. konfem2 la awk campur ngan mat saleh kan.. hehe..power la pasni english die makwe ni..

kite minat nak amik philosophy. yg tak minatnye kalau kene tulis karangan. haishhhh
why laa, why is writing the only way to assess us??

hafiz CHouJi said...

You think an English teacher studied overseas should be able to speak as fluent up to the standard of a NS's, correct?

Well, I think to be able to speak like NS is not that important. What's more important I believe is to be able to apply the knowledge in a classroom as well as to be knowledgeable in the field, literally and practically. ALIN301's lecturer doesn't sound like a NS at all, I assure you, but his knowledge is incredible indeed. What's the point of being able to articulate like a NS but know not how to teach the simplest lesson for grammar? Right?

Another thing is, not all NS speaks good English nor write good English. What you see in uni is only a small proportion of the whole population with better education. Ever seen the other bigger proportion? I worked as a cleaner at Warehouse Tory Street last year. My senior staff, a local Kiwi, he didn't speak well (aside from his thick Kiwi accent) and he spelled toilet as 'toliet'. In fact, when mentioning about good English, we can't escape from talking about grammar, can we? In ALIN301 next year, you'll learn that there are some native-like utterances which are not grammatically correct yet acceptable.

My point here is, we should haul in as much practical knowledge in teaching English as we could from these NSs. There is a but, though. In pursuing that, we must make sure that we could speak and write a good English up to the standard a learned person (especially us TESLians) should.

You know, Kiwis are actually shy. If you don't start the conversation first, they won't. But if you made the initiative, believe me they are a actually a friendly bunch. But yeah, what Sha mentioned about grouping and talking in our L1 unintentionally exclude them. You'll learn in LING223 about functions of language in including and excluding people. Ehehe~

But yeah, most things are easier said than done. The best part of thing I believe is awareness, next is the will. As long as we have both, we can march on towards betterment - one step at a time, at the best pace we could.

Sha said...

because it is the easiest form of assesment
besides, less time consuming (for the markers obviously)

ooo awk nk amik phil ek?
zaty pn same kalu x silap

kite tbe2 tgh cnsider nk amik socio pule ni
tp takut heavy sgt x larat sbb ade educ juge

oh well, best of luck to both of us!

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