Friday, January 29, 2010

about a girl named sofea

cheeky little cik piah

i've been wanting to do this for quite sometimes. i want to, because im afraid if i dont record the moments anywhere i would forget, as any normal human with fallible memory would. this is the entry about my youngest sibling, sofea, going to be 8 years old this year and the little things she did that i found amusing, and a tad unbelievable sometimes:

1.just 10 minutes ago, my mum is taking her to the clinic because her fever is not getting any better. my mum was already in the car. i was in the house, but I still can here the loud foot step she is making 'ketokketokketok' (okayy, aku serius tak reti buat bunyik kasut, but u get wat i mean rite??) , on the way to get to the car. Tak sampai 5 saat lepas tu dgr plak suara mama menjerit "sofeaaaaa!!! tukar kasuttt!!". Like i've guessed, she was actually wearing my mum's 3 inch stilettos. it was 5 size bigger, mind you. Was she seriously thinking she can get away wearing that shoes to the clinic? i seriously dont know.

2. Few days ago, my mum was already upstairs, ready for bed, while she was still lounging downstairs searching for her bantal busuk (this thing was suspected as barang biohazard at the airport when she came to visit me at NZ last year i tell youu) and my mum keep yelling from upstairs "sofeaaaa!! sofeaaa naik jom!" and being her, of course she didnt bother to reply. My mum was of course pissed off so she screamed "hey, tak menyahut pun ma panggil ye". And she did decided to menyahut after that, dgn muke selamba sambil naik tangga dan sambil menggigit bantal "safizaaaaaa!!" (which is my mother's name). hoh. ambik kau

3. Next incident is few months ago, the night my parents was going to the Mecca. Of course la at that time sedara mara semua datang melawat dan menghantar kan. So ramai laa. And ble ramai, biase la akan gamat bercerita ble berkumpul, so of course la bising kann, especially ble semua gelak serentak. Si budak sofea ni tahan duduk atas kat dlm bilik my mum, taknak turun langsung, salam pun xnk. My mum bising la suruh die turun. She whined and moaned "huuu, sofea taknak turun...diorg gelak2 mcm org minum arakkkk". hoho. terkejut skejap i dengar spekulasi beliau. entah ble plak die jumpe org mabuk pun. ni tak lain x bukan byk sgt tgk tv. nasib baik sedara2 aku tak dgr kau. hoho

4. This is after my parents had came back from their hajj. We decided to go to the port dickson for vacation. So hotel tu adela swimming pool kan. Lepas balik swimming budak sofea ni tahan tak nak pakai apape, elok je jalan sana sini  dlm apartment kitorg tu . My mum (yes my mum again. i guess its part of the job to nag in order to get things done. pheuw. really looking 4ward to dat, not!!) of course la bising suruh die pakai baju. die pun masuk la bilik. ingat die nak gi carik baju la. skali ble die kuar bilik tercengang kitorg tgk die. My fourth sister, Wani called out to my mum "Ma, tgk sofea!". Instead of wearing her clothes like she is supposed to, she is now wrapping herself around the waist with a plastic for laundry.

5. This is few years back, (I think she is 4 or 5 years old at that time) it was a trip to Bali and we took the Air asia. Upon landing, kan biasela org beratur kat aisle dlm plane tu sementara nak tunggu pintu kapal terbang adela sorg budak laki yang sebaya sofea yang tgh beratur area seats kitorg gak. Sofea ni plak dtg plak mood peramahnya tym tu. Die tanye la budak tu "Nama awak siape?" budak tu agaknya terkejut dgn ke-outspoken-an si sofea ataupun mungkin mak die ajar jgn ckp dgn strangers walaupun budak kecik, senyaap je, tak menjawab apapepun, toleh pun taknak. the plane suddenly was quite as if preparing for sofea next line: "ey, jgn buat bodola". okeh. time ni aku pandang jauh2, buat2 tak related dgn ini budak. takut gle nak pandang muka mak budak laki tu.waaaaa. nasib baik pintu bukak tym tu and kitorg bleh turun. fuhh. save by the door

6. This is last year, when she first entered the primary school. It was in the first week, i think, when kak we (the best maid in the world, a superwomen, almost) opened up her school beg and found her underwear inside the beg, wet and with a suspicious rectangular shaped dirt stained across the underwear. Kak we pun tanye la "ape ni sofea??". She answered "Sofea pegi tandas tadi, mase basuh kencing seluar terbasah kena air. Sofea pun sidai la bawah meja" (I figured it must be bawah meja, to be exact, kat tempat org letak kaki tu, which explains the shaped of the dirt). haaa. kreatip tak adik aku?? i really dont envy her class teacher. HAHA

abdul rahman and safiza's girlss amy, me, atie, wani, sofea

sbenarnye byk lagi. but da tak larat. haha. i hope i can show her this when she will be all elegant and feminine, reminding her, hah, dulu sofea tak la se elegant mane ponn. heheh. although im not ur favourite sister because i keep complaining about you playing too much computer and keep being angry when you refused to pray (sebab takut dgn sejadah lepas tgk kat berita sejadah sembahyang sendiri. ade ke. patutnye lebih insaf), you shud know, I love you, although i cant always show or express it. mmuahhhh

nmpk sgt aku bosan duk umah. hahah.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

oops i did it again

hidup bukan drama.

that was the mantra from one of my good frens, Mira Shaifuddin (mira kalau ko bace ni sure ko bangga kan aku sbut name ko??). Let me tell you a little about her, a delightful character that Im glad i have the chance to meet in the course of my life. She is a crazy little girl, with a loud laugh that is infectious, has mood swings that can scares the hell out of everybody when she suddenly cries without a reason, loves gossiping (who doesnt? ok ok, time to change!!) but nevertheless, lovable to the end. But one thing that stood out about her is her love for Hindi movies. Trust me. Nobody beats her love for Hindi movies. Even those people from India that we met in Wellington was impressed by her knowledge of the Bollywood world. She watches those movies so frequently that she can even speak Hindi fluently and can watch the movies without the subtitles, and also sing all the songs without missing a beat. Im not talking about the famous Hindi movies such as Kuch2 Hota Hai or Dil to Pagal hai (ni zmn ble punye citer ni sarah oii) but the movies that the mainstream people wudden even heard of.

Well, therefore, its not a wonder that her idea of a perfect relationship is somewhat very much influenced by those storyline (yang of course hero die mesti hensem, mesti kaya, mesti tinggi, romantic, dan yang paling utama skali, jalan percintaan yang hebat!), which, in real life, she realized, we are brutally hit by the fact that well, 'hidup bukan drama'.

 Fnab, me and Mira si penggemar hindustan

In Mira's case, its hindi movies, but in general, its the EVIL mass media (and yes, that includes Korean dramas, novel2 abad ke 21, gossip girl, cinta Balqis (erk, tetibe)) that created our unrealistic expectations on life, specifically on romantic relationship. As a result, we often feel disappointed by our own life that lacks adventure,pancaroba (ecewah, pancaroba tuhh, gli plak), interesting story line worth telling your grandchildren about, and therefore be less grateful for what we have.

But I guess for myself, what affects me the most is not really wat is portrayed  by the mass media (tak kate tak affect langsung, of course la ade effect nye sket2 ye, ok tipu, byk la jugak) but what i read in blogs, because it happens to real people, not to actors and actresses that we know are just acting out a product of mere imaginations.

I know i cant talk about how jealous I am for some people who is lucky enough to have a love story worth writing about without sounding pathetic,HAHA but I guess i cant lie that I am. a little bit (yelatu) envious. yela, im just normal human. eh,but wait, blogs are also considered as a media! see? i've told you media is evil. heheh. i shud just live in the era where the only media we can found is newspaper and radio. no fb. no blogs. so i wont be foolishly comparing my life with others. but since I am living in 2010, i guess my solution for now is to go to blogs that talks about more islamic things instead, or to blogs that write about Palestinian and war victims maybe, so I can see how blessed actually I am to lead this little boring life of mine. Huh? boring?? Wait a minute:

I am blessed with the chance to study in NZ

I am blessed with the chance with crazy friends who is not afraid to make a fool of themselves for a good laugh (uhh, my hands look funny in dis pic)

I am blessed with the chance to visit LOTR's set (the one who is looking at my beauty (kasila cann) with disgust and envy is Gollum by the way)

 I am blessed with good friends that I would cherish to the end (ye traktor tu mmg kacau daun)

aaaanddd.. a beautiful family members with all sorts of characteristics that I love to bits!

my life is definitely not boring. Alhamdulillah!

wah. ape aku mengarut panjang2 nih? 

p/s-suke la tu sha gmbr die byk. heheh

Friday, January 22, 2010

finally, something to talk about

da lame rasenye tak mencemar duli di blog sendiri. ble pegi blog org lain, rase mcm best plak nak tulis something. tapi ble da start type, mesti tiba2 timbul satu mood yang buat diri menkenselkan hajat utk menulis. biasenye sbb rase benda yang nak dicerita tu tak intresting, sbb x tau nak express dgn sbetulnya, sbb lost for words utk menggambarkan perasaan diri yang sbenarnye, sbb rase takde sbb nak cerita pada dunia tentang kehidupan yang membosankan, sbb rase penulisan saye tak menarik dan tak sewitty blog org lain. tapi xpe, sbb nak melarikan diri dari buat benda yang spatutnye punye pasal, saye sanggup bertungkus lumus tulis blog. heheh. (just like old times when i write blogs as an escapism from the ever ferocious assignmentss. hoh. old times la sgt!)

so new things about my life so far:

1. I've gotten over my obsessions of korean dramas (well, korean cuties to be exact, Boys Over Flowers' main hero to be precise). U dont know how terrible my obsession can be. Unless u are my housemate and share the same internet connection and realized how often i am hooked on the internet just to satisfy my obsession of the day (and this ranges from a hero of a new released movies such as Robert Pattinson to reality tv stars,such as, err,, tomok. ok, too much information,ehem.) My obsession is so bad that I can be moody, restless, numb, irrational, for one week just thinking about them. there was this one time when I was obsessed over Star Wars characters- Anakin and Amidala, about how tragic and ironic their love is that I almost went crazy being sad for them! Ye, mmg menakutkan ble saye obsess.

So wat change? This one website changed me. Changed me to the extent I want to be a completely different person. This website basically talks about the ways the Kufar has clouded our mind, judgement, our way of thinking about the world and the way we are 'supposed' to lead our lives,etc. by using many ways, dominantly through the mass media and entertainment that we no longer live our lives the way Allah wants us to. This website main aim is to wake the Muslims up and free our mind from all those propaganda that is just there to ruin us, now, and hereafter.

I TOTALLY recommend you guys to check it out. One of the article I read at the blog was about Dajal, and this one really freaked me out. Freaked me out to the extent saye takut dan saye insaf. Kne bace sendiri utk rase. Kite mungkin rase, ala, lame lagi kut kiamat. Rileks lar. ye ke? tahun baru hari tu gerhana bulan dan gerhana matahari terjadi hanye selang seminggu from each other, and both on Friday. tahun baru hari tu jugak kite dikejutkan dgn mcm2 bencana alam di merata dunia. Mcm mane kalau? so BE PREPARE. semoga kite tak termasuk dlm golongan2 yang menyesal, AMIN YA ALLAH.

that is why, saye berazam utk menjadi muslimah yang lebih baik selepas ini. cube. dan doa jugak bersungguh sungguh Allah tetapkan iman. and saye harap kalau saye lupe, ble bace balik blog ni, saye ingat.

2. On a different note, saye ade buah hati baru (mesti korg kate apehal lak, tadi insaf2 tetibe citer pasal buah hati plak, rileks2, dgr dulu). Name die muszaphar. ala, mcm name angkasawan kite tu la. hensemm. die ni mmg demand my undivided attention la, ketip kuku pun x boleh, nak type2 kat laptop pun x boleh. ngada tul. tidor nak same2, kalau i bangun lmbt die sibuk bising2. die suke ble org garu2 badan die.huh? hehe. unfortunately, he is just a cat..hehehe..oh, tapi bestla ble ade org (oit kucing tu org ke?) nak bermanja manja dgn kita. adik2 i sume da besar2, i buat ngada2 nak peluk pun die jual mahal. kuang asam tul.

Encik mus, buah ati terbaru

3. Saye menghadapi mid 20's crisis.haa. org biase dgr mid age crisis je kann. tapi mmg wujud la crisis ni. cleo pun ckp. i ingat i sorg2 jek yang rase mcm tu. ramai ngupenye. it all started during my visit to Terengganu almost two weeks ago. mase tu gi pasar payang. so mase tanye2 kat salesgirl tu saye da terbiase panggil "kak", skali salesgirl tu tanye, "ni umur brape?" saye jwbla "22", rupe2nye die lagi muda, baru 21. huhu. skali kwn saye menyampuk "22 ape sarah, tahun ni nak masuk 23 laa" 23 u know! 23!ohhh.. terus tertekan ble sedar or dlm bahasa terengganunye "tekkanggg!!". sbbnye saye rase umur ni umur yang org da label as 'dewasa', when in reality i dont feel like an adult at all! keje pun x lagi, masak pun x pandai lagi, future pun x nmpk lagi. menakutkannnnnnnnnnnn. org kiri kanan da kerja, org kiri kanan da kawin. wahhhhhh, da pressure!!

but i guess for now i just have to go with the flow. yela, susah hati tak tentu pasal pun bukan bleh buat apape kan. and I pray that Allah wud give me the best. yang mane boleh improve i'll improve, insyaAllah..

Mendengar  dgn tekun nasihat bagaimana menangani mid 20's crisis oleh Dr Eny sambil comot memakan roti

4. And last but not least, wats new with me? Im going to Indonesia tomorrow! the flight is at 9.30 a.m and i havent pack anything yet! packing is my least favourite activity in the world! how am i suppose to pack lightly when everything seems important to me (different shoes suit differents clothes right??) pray for me a safe journey (yes, with all the recent earthquakes going on around the world, it is quite nervewrecking, but u die when u die right, even at your own house, in your own room). To anyone who is reading this(which I very much doubt), have a good weekend ahead, jgn gembira sampai lupe Allah.=))

p/s- i am trying to change my look. to be more muslimah, which means more covered, more sopan, doakan ditetapkan hati!!

and muszaphar just use my precious leather handbag as his scratching post!! tidakkkkkkkkkkk

dari mana nk kemana

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