Saturday, December 14, 2013

this is wrong

Hey old friend

These few days I kept thinking of you
About how nobody can replace the kind of special friend you are to me

The fact that we can straight away pick up a conversation where we left off no matter how big the time gap was, no matter how different our lives are from each other

The fact how you know what I am really like but can still accept me

The fact how you never gave up on me no matter how mean I was to u. "Never Gave up". Yes. It is in the past tense because finally u did. N I dont blame you.

U know,  im just not the kind of person who regret over things. Things happen because they are destined to happen that way, I truly believed that. N its always for the better insyaAllah.

I dont regret but that doesnt stop me from wondering about the what ifs, or what it could have been. Which is useless, I know. I am struggling to stop thinking this way. struggling to stop wishing I could have one more conversation with you.

I hope you won't read this. Maybe u wont. Afterall why would you be here when you are happy there?

Thank you for the memories.  At least I would always have them.

Or is it actually better if we had never known each other?

dari mana nk kemana

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