Monday, August 25, 2014

a letter to You

This feeling im feeling right now
Nobody knows it or understands it as much as You do
Talking about it to others will not help because they dont have the solution like You do
I am so not worthy of Your love and Your aid, so far from it
this sinful slave that I am,
I am truly nothing to You
I dont even feel I have the right to ask anything from You
after all that I have done

but still, still I hope
as You are the Most forgiving and the Most Merciful ones
and Your love is the kind where it covers everyone, regardless the saint or the sinner
help me face this trial
show me the way
as You hold the answer to everything
and You own the ultimate strength
help me, guide me, assure me
I am not in the position to ask anything
but please Ya Rabb, Ya Rahman, Ya Rahim
Despite of my sins and mistakes,
Can you overlook that and aid me?

Friday, August 15, 2014

crashed down

Everytime when I got overexcited over something
I ended up came crashing down

but being myself
I cant help it, it's my nature
i am easily hyped
when i am excited, happy, jubilant,  i cant help but express it
But often it resulted to sadness and disappointment

need a better restrain over yourself, sarah

Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Some people said, if you're having a good dream, dont share it to others because it wont be a reality.. do you think that's true?

Ive been the having the same dream two days in a row now. Have i been wanting it that much? I mean its not like i have been really thinking about it.

And at some point of the dream i will realise that i am actually dreaming so i force myself to wake up. Realising its just a dream makes me feel pathetic. I dont know if anyone could relate, but i kind of hate myself from having to dream about it.

On a different note,  maybe tu gangguan syaitan. Sapa suruh tidur lepas subuh kan. Haha

dari mana nk kemana

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