Tuesday, September 27, 2011

When you being special is an understatement=)

Today is the day where someone very special to me was born, 24 years ago (woah umur makcik ;p)
She is my best friend: Miss Ernie Syahida

So nah, a present, a special poem specially picked for you:

Friends like us

Friend like us dont need to see each other everyday
no matter how long its been since we were last together,
we just pick up right where we left off

Friends like us  dont need to ask for help
we just know that we'll always be there for each other,
anytime anywhere.

Friends like us dont need to apologize for our bad days or our bad moods
we just understand that life isnt always the brightest 
and we take turns to cheering each other up

Friends like us dont need to tell each other how much we care
we can just feel the strength of our friendship in our hearts

Friends like us..
are the very best kind of all

-Rachyl Taylor

nah, have your cake=D

Ernie Syahida,
I am one of the many people who are glad that you were born
Thank you for bringing the light and laughter into our lives
I pray that you will be blessed with happiness, good health, wisdom, prosperity, success and every good things in this world, and more so in hereafter
Semoga berjumpa prince charming yang beriman, kacak, tinggi dan kaya cepat cepat;p
Although I dont say this often, 
I Love You my dear friend
and have a happy birthday!!

we look good together huh? *perasan*
p/s- I write this entry 3 days earlier as my school's internet connection...hmm paham2 je la haha.

dari mana nk kemana

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