Saturday, January 21, 2012

die a thousand times

how come we start being selfish
when did we stop caring for others

im dying thousand times because of you
and everytime it is a slow and painful death

we do not know the future
but I can already tell you your end if you choose to go down that road
you will not die happy
you will regret it
you will keep saying "if only I did not make that decision, if only"
you will keep wondering how happy your life would be if only you have chosen to be steadfast instead of succumbing to your selfish stupid desire

please, dont choose that.

and dont easily blame it on fate when human is blessed with free will
and guess what,decisions made that by free will, will be questioned later in akhirah
and you can never easily just answer "Because it's fated"

stop hurting people like this, because soon, very soon, you'll get hurt
Allah is testing you, seeing you
and it seems like you are failing miserably without you realizing it

I promise you
if you choose that road
I will definitely, definitely fare you well
and will not thank you for the memories

p/s- how did we get so estranged?

dari mana nk kemana

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