Tuesday, August 18, 2009

sape name die faraha angkat tgn!! =)

still by the same poet master, Hafez , and since u enjoyed it so much dis tym I dedicated this for u

When I want to kiss God

No one is looking

I swallow deserts and clouds
And chew on mountains knowing
They are sweet

When no one is looking and I want
To Kiss

I just lift my own hand

(taken from The Gift,translated by Daniel Ladinsky)

What a sweet2 poem. dont u think?

MY pictures,NOT yours

this is what i just find out from an old friend. that he has been keeping my pictures. and this is what i feel.

i hate it when people take my personal belonging without my permission. and yes, that include stealing my pictures from the facebook. no, its not ok. yes, i am also to blame. i should have known this would be the risk of uploading your pictures online. I used to not care whether people wants to take keep my picture in their laptop. but i now i DO care. because its wrong. now that i am aware i dont like thinking about what will they do with my pictures. it is also wrong because it shows how obsess u are. when u shouldnt be obsess with human beings more than u are obsess with your God. do u think Allah will like the act you keeping the picture of a women who is not your mahram? and truly Allah is the best judge of your intention. if u know better, u'll delete the pictures.

dari mana nk kemana

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