Saturday, July 11, 2009

saye kne tag

saye kne tag dek choji.and oleh kerana saye sangat sangap malam ni, so here goes:

Sometimes I just need:
-people to have faith in me more than I have faith in myself. someone who believe i can do it even when im not feeling so sure.

Sometimes I want:

-my life to be as sweet as fairy tales. which is impossible. because life is not as predictable but that wat makes life more interesting.

Sometimes I like to:

-stay at my home sweet home doing nothing and savour the time with my loved ones

Sometimes all it takes:

- is for people to take the times to say 'are u ok?' to mend my heart's pain

Sometimes I picture:

- wat my life would be like if i am richer. wud i be the same sarah? wud i be better? wud i be someone that i would hate?

Sometimes I wish:

-everyone, everyone, gets their happy ending. myself included

Sometimes I find:
-the world nowadays is a terrible terrible place to live in. and i feel so helpless to change a thing

Sometimes I take:
-time to heal the pain someone i love a lot has inflicted on me

Sometimes I look:
-up to someone but they end up hurting me

Sometimes I hate:
-how people choose to hurt others at the expend of their own happiness.why oh why??

Sometimes it’s nice:

- if someone do something sweet for you

Sometimes it hurts:
- when people fails to appreciate what u have done for them

Sometimes it makes me happy:
- to know that somewhere in some part of the world, there are people who are doing good for other people

Sometimes it’s sad:

-to realize how us muslim have gone too far astrayed from the one true perfect straight path that Allah has laid for us

Sometimes I listen:
- to other people's problem but i wonder if they ever think of me as a good listener

Sometimes I sleep:
- to pretend that everything would be alright when I wake up again

Sometimes I like to watch:
- beautiful people.haha

Sometimes I feel:
- that people dont understand me enough. i am truly more that meets the eye

tag ni sbenarnye panjang lagi. tapi sudah tak larat.
sape2 yang sudi nak buat, silakan

selamat malam duniaa

dari mana nk kemana

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