Thursday, May 21, 2009


i dont even have tym to feel stressed.
huhu. the work load is catching up on me and I got nobody but myself to blame
sukarnye utk mendisplinkan diri.. aduhaiii..
tensen tensen tensennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

things that are bothering me dis week:
1. the ALIN esaimen. (i really feel at lost with this thing. my lesson plan is all over the place and i cant waste anymore tym in designing and redesigning it again and again and again. gotta hit the paper and start writing for the commentary. which is tough, because i dont know what i want from the materials. peninglaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

2. the keLING assignment. (i dont have a clue. why do i feel as if they were talking in german in the lecture? and now they are expecting me to answer the question, which it seems to me,again,written in german. and my past results is not that great for me to be blase about this assignment. but still, i dont have the mood to start this assignment until I see there is a progress in my ALIN assignment.notice how many times the golden word 'assignment' is repeated?? exactly. too much! my feeling exactly)

3.the muslim women event. (it is supposed to be a big event but why do i feel that i am making no contribution at all? well i guess theres not much u can do when u are a decoration committee.maybe the hardwork wil be on that day. which is worrying to me because i am thinking at what time the event will finish when i have so many things to be done. hint: the LING assignment (assuming that ive done my alin)!!

4.even if this dreaded weekend is over, i still have the TEAP assignment coming up. which i have to do earlier from everybody else because my parents is coming. so, no rest for next week too!! pastuh kne fikir demonstration TEAP plakk. I hope it wont take too much of my time.

5.test LING. which is on the same day I will meet my parents at queenstown. I dont know if i can handle finishing the TEAP essay and studying for the quiz at the same time. i guess i HAVE to manage.

padan muke buat keje lambat2. sape suruh. huu.
takpe sarah, sempat, ade mase lagi. siapkan la alin tu even if it means u have to sacrifice your precious nap or sleep at night.

u can. lagipun dis is not the first time ure doing last minute work right?? right.

things to do today (a MUST!!)

1.buat ALIN, at least 1000 word dah for the essay
2.tgk2 soalan LING utk dibincangkan esok

i am thankful to Allah for:

1.this chance of studying oversea, no matter how hard it seems right now. dis is your dream sarah, live it.

2.a functional brain, so I can think.

'when the going gets tough, the toughs get going'

go sarahhhhh!!!

dari mana nk kemana

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