Wednesday, June 29, 2011

dont judge a book by its cover

insyaAllah, this is for the best as Allah knows best=)

Monday, June 20, 2011

i dont wanna get fat (fatter). Sob

assalamualaikum to all readerss(bajet. ceh mcm la ada orang baca pun)

anyway, here I am, writing this entry from the khatulistiwa (ape eh benda ni in english?) country- Malaysia oh tanah airkuu! I'm back, and its for good this time. I'm still finding it hard to digest that my time as a university student has finally over, i guess when its time for me to enter classrooms as a pratical teacher, only then I will realize that "this is it man, im an adult now"

its my fourth day in Malaysia now, and I think the activity that I have done the most is eating. Yes, eating eating and more eating. Since I have nothing else to do at home, to kill the boredom or to avoid more sleeping, I eat. Which is not a good thing considering that not only my mother is commenting that I am fat upon first seeing me at the airport, but also the mothers of my other friends (how is that for lowering your self esteem?). Tapi rasanya mengembang sbb pressure dalam kapal terbang la. Kaki and tangan semua jadi mcm swollen (alasan lagi).Haha. It has made me scared of going out in case I will meet my old friends, and receiving the same comment. I am also trying to brace myself from future comments that I would definitely get from my relatives soon enough when I get the chance to meet them. HUAAAAAA.

To tell you the truth its not like I wasnt aware how much weight I've been gaining during my stay in NZ (blame NZ for making me fat!) but its just that people are not commenting as much there as they are seeing me on regular basis, so they are not really aware of my proses pengembangan. Obviously that is not the case for people who havent seen for quite a while. Huaaa sempat ke nak kurus before jumpa sedara mara (berangan. joging pun malas). Takpe, berusaha!

You know one thing I actually have been wanting to talk about (related to my homecoming) is how touched I was by the love and care people had actually bestowed on me during my stay in NZ. And ive only realized that when I was about to leave NZ. I had people who honestly feel saddened by the thought of  me leaving, who actually cried at the airport as we are hugging for the last time. And I am totally humbled by the experience because I feel that I honestly dont deserve their love. I havent really done a lot for them, and I dont think I've been a very good friend, or a sister to them but they still place me as a significant someone on their heart. and everytime I though of this, I am reminded to this ayaah:

"dan ingatlah nikmat Allah ke atas kamu ketika dulunya kamu saling bermusuhan maka Allah telah menyatukan hati - hati kamu, lalu dengan nikmat Allah itu kamu bersaudara sedang kamu telah berada di jurang api neraka, lantas Allah menyelamatkan kamu daripadanya. Demikianlah dijelaskan oleh Allah kepada kamu ayat - ayatNya, mudah - mudahan kamu beroleh petunjuk" [Ali Imran: 103]

Indeed, the one who connects our hearts is Allah. Kalau aku tak join usrah dulu, mungkin tak tergerak pun nak kenal orang2 lain selain dari clique sendiri. Tapi Alhamdulillah, through usrah I dont only get friends who would love me because of Allah, but sisters for life insyaAllah..And I'm really grateful and thankful for that Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah. I will always remember you guys as long as Allah allows me to. 

Thank you thank you thank you for all your love.

oh sarah anda sungguh random. tajuk lain cerita lain

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last but not least, gmbr makanan kegemaran di restoran kegemaran (ok ni tiba-tiba)

ok bye. 

dari mana nk kemana

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