Wednesday, December 12, 2012

say what u mean and mean what u say

my activities today:

6 a.m- saying goodbye to Kak We (my house maid) who is off to Jawa for her two weeks holiday. Ayah outstation in Malacca, Mama outstation in Perlis. Which means I am going to be the temporary head-of-house a.k.a mother to my younger siblings

9 a.m- overslept. I meant to prepare breakfast at 8. hoho. But the kids were still sleeping so I guess its ok. Menu: Burger. Only burnt the first burger patty so I guess it wasnt too bad, and its not like it was charred black. Edible. I was responsible enough to eat the overly cooked patty. Wani requested for daging burger bersalut telur. Luckily I had the common sense to finish cooking all the patties first before attempting to coat them with eggs. My first attempt with the egg did not end up the way I wanted it. Instead of egg coated burger, it was burger with scramble eggs. Called out for Amir (my bro) and he helped finished the rest. So not bad, out of 4, only one burger was a disaster. But like I said, still edible. And when you put a lot of chili sauce, the burnt taste was not that apparent. tsk tsk

10 a.m- Heads out of the house to Atie's school to buy her books. And then to Sofea's school. And then to the Jabatan Immigresen Kelana Jaya branch to renew passport. Showed Atie where I had a little accident with the car when I tried to go there last time. Arrived at the immigration and after being asked a few question, were directly ushered to the machine where can allow me to get the new passport without filling in any form. Just need to insert my old passport, my mycard, and the payment of rm100 (for 2 years) and heyyy presto was given a receipt that specifically wrote that I can collect my new passport after at least 1 hour. Was really impressed with how efficient the immigration was. But wait, that is not the whole story yet. So instead of wait for one hour, we decided to finish other errands first. Went to the bank, went to the tabung haji and at 1 p.m, we arrived again at the immigration (estimated time to collect the card after one hour was at 12.30. So we had given a little bit of leeway just in case the passport was not finished yet.

1 p.m- The officer at the front desk instructed us to go to counter no 1 and take the queue number. The problem is, there was NO queue number to be given!! And I was like, what?? Am I suppose to just wait for my name to be called? What if they have already called my name when I was not there? So much for being efficient. And because there was no queue number given, everybody was like standing in front of the counter, not daring to sit too far away in case they could not hear their names being called. Luckily I had the sense to give my receipt to the officer and check if my passport is already done. And of course not.

2.15 p.m- Had enough of waiting and was worrying about my sisters at home who might be waiting for me to cook their lunch. Was really upset that some of those who came later than me but was applying their passport at the counter instead of the machine received their passport earlier than me. Whatt?? Then why should I used the machine at the first place if im going to be held back like this at the end of the day? If you cant finish it by one hour then why did u say that u can?? Do u know how much time was wasted? GrrRR. I end up leaving without receiving my passport yet.

2.30 p.m- Arrived home and yes, Sofea was really hungry that she was willing to eat yesterday's rice without any side dishes. I said wait, that is too pitiful and asked her to wait for a while so I can cook her fried rice.

3.00 p.m- finish cooking. Again, it was not superb, but it was edible and sofea did not complain too much (mind you, this girl cerewet gilaaa) and managed to finish off the rice without not even one butir left. Haha. Either she was too hungry to complain or the rice was good, but I dont care. I was happy enough that I managed to make her full.

And it was only half a day, but ive been feeling as if I am on the edge the whole day. How do Moms do this everyday?? They sure indeed are superhumans. Salute!

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