Saturday, November 24, 2012

here comes the bride..

tomorrow would be a big day indeed for one of my bestest friend- Azreen Fareeza Azman. We go waaaayyy back, I have known her for quite some time. In fact, she is one of the earliest person I knew among all my friends in KMS, where I did my preparation before heading to NZ. We met by chance when we went for the interview for MARA scholarship in the same session. The interview was quite special actually- it was for people whose names were not called to come to the interview for the scholarship at first. We went to the HQ and appeal anyway because we knew we at least deserve a chance for an interview (based on our results academically and non-academic, and also knowing that friends who performed less also received offer to be interviewed). We then found out that there was a system glitch because too many people applied (lagi memalukan bila jumpa pegawai tu die ckp "ni ada budak dapat 10 A pun tak dapat offer interview juga."ala2 perli gitu. FINEE. Taula aku x straight A. isk2)

Anyway, to cut things short, Alhamdulillah (after being heartbroken for a week), I received a call sometime around one maghrib, to come for an interview the next day. So there I was, sitting in the same room as her, making small chit chat to ease my nervousness. Because we were applying for TESL course, we were required to write an essay about one of the saddest/happiest memory. I remembered asking her what she wrote about,and her answer- her experience during PLKN. After we were done with the interview, she told me the the way to get home (me being the person with poor sense of direction since forever). Little did we know that we are fated to meet again later when became room mates at KMS. Erin, kita berjodoh la!

I guess that is why among our friends, we still addressed ourselves as "kita" "awak", when with other people we were using "aku" "kau". Mungkin sbb awal awal kita da cakap sopan2 (yelaa, jumpa kat interview la katekan, knela ckp sopan2 supaya nmpk sophisticated sikit. Eh? Haha).

Living with her during KMS and in NZ, bit by bit I know more about her. Among the girls, she is known as "The athlete", "flat rate" (for having no problems with extra lipid in the abs HAHA), "pandai buat muka otai", and "budak yang paling byk gmbr tgh melakukan aktiviti makan". Being her old roommates I also know more- pernah angau pastu ulang lagu yang sama banyak2 kali ("From this moment" kan erin? hehe), suara sedap (sebab selalu nyanyi masa tgh iron baju. walaupun earphone kat telinga suara still maintain youu), bila demam dia akan jadi pendiam pastu muka merah2, seorang yang jarang marah2, susah nak nmpk die nangis, jarang mengumpat, seorang yang bijak bistari (makcik ni straight A ok SPM dia), seorang yang cool, seorang yang pandai berjimat and most importantly seorang kawan yang baik.

That's why la i am writing this special post for her. (eh dia nak kawen kut tapi kenapa la tulis mcm nak berpisah kan). Yela, because I know after marriage it would be different. It is a new phase of life, a lot of things would change, your priority would change. Your new family would be your priority now, and friends might cease to be as important. 

Therefore, before the change, I just want to tell you that I am glad I have been blessed by the chance to know you. May your new life brings you a lot of joy and happiness and may it me the medium for you to achieve success in this world and more so in the hereafter. Dont be a good wife, but be a GREAT wife to your husband. May you be blessed with future sons and daughters yang soleh/solehah dan comel2 belakeww. (haha). Ameen.. Love you to bits!!

p/s-sedih gila bila cari cari gmbar kita bersama tak de yang kita tangkap berdua je. isk2. I guess sbb kita dua pun biasanya menumpang camera orang lain so xdela gmbr camwhoring bersama kan. So terpaksala mak crop gmbar orang2 lain supaya ada gak gmbr kita berdua. wahaha..

Nah, lagi satu gmbr-roommates forever (eh x la forever, esok awk da ada room mate baru da. HAHAHA)

back in KMS day-2007

raya in NZ-2010

Okla, its 2.07 a.m and gotta hit the sack. Nyte2. Assalamualaikum.

 Roger and out (sape tah agaknya suka guna ayat ni kan?)

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