Monday, August 12, 2013

I tear my heart open I sew myself shut

The people who know me well would know how much I hate rejection
I just can't take rejection
So as much as I could I would avoid from being in a situation where there is a possibility I would be rejected

Now, u might say thay well its normal for everybody
But no im serious about how bad I took rejection in the past. In the same circumstance other people might at first be hurt too but then they would move on but for me I really  take it to heart and I just can't seem to move from it.

The people who know me well would know how much I hate rejection but I don't think they all would know the reason why.

Truth to be told, I think it's because I had the experience of being rejected by someone I used to love a lot. U see, the more you love,  the more vulnerable u are, the more probability of you getting hurt. When u experience that, (being rejected by someone you really love) it will scar you forever. Even when time heals, the pain will still forever etched there.

It was the most horrible experience and I barely survived it. I thought ive gone through enough pain to last for a lifetime but it seems that fate has different plan for me. Same thing is happening again. I thought I am stronger now but apparently for me the more mature I think I got, the more worse my reaction is to the situation

I realise now I have been acting as if Allah is not there all this while these things are happening.  As if Allah does not permit all these things to happen. Astaghfirullah. .

I happened to watch a video by ustaz nouman ali khan during the last week of Ramadan about how there is nothing in this world that happen without Allah permission and without His knowledge. Subhanallah I guess Allah has fated me to watch that video to prepare me for this. I am in so much pain and Allah knows. And He allows it. And l know and I believe whatever that happens is because Allah knows that it is for the best.  No matter how hard it is for me to take it. No matter how painful it is for me now. Allah is the most merciful and loving and Allah is doing this for a reason.  I might not understand it now  but I am sure it's for the best.

Help me Ya Allah to stay strong for this new test.  Please don't let me go astray.

P/s- to the one I used to love so much, its not the loss of you I am mourning for,but it is the loss of respect and trust I used to had for you. This might mean so little to you now but I am worrying for you if you would regret this when it is already too late

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