Sunday, January 24, 2016

If only

Lately, i have found myself wishing I could change things that has already happened
I have been saying 'if only' more and more

Which is bad
Because ive heard once how the word 'if' is actually the devil's trick to make you become ungrateful, to make you waste your time to dwell on something useless, to make you blame fate

Ya Allah
Please guide my heart
Please dont leave me astray
Keep me among those who you guide

Please dont let me want the wrong things


Saturday, January 23, 2016

Sarah si mak supir

Picking up sofea from her art class
Decided to come back home because of the three days break just to an empty house
Well, not really empty tp hampirlah
Mom is in Lombok, Indonesia, for her work place's team building session
Ayah is not around this week
Amy went to Ipoh for her friend's wedding
Atie is going out with her friend
Amir is home tp sama je ada ke xde as he will wake up late and then will be stuck in front of the computer playing games
Sofea has tuition and art class

Which means I am the mak supir of the day, sending and fetching up sofea to her classes.

And doing this for the whole day, go out to send her and then come home and then wait until its time to pick her up again-I dont know how mothers do it without complaining, because although its not difficult, but doing the same thing over and over again week in and week out-it's boringggg (plus sbb xde orang and xde aktiviti nk buat kat rumah kut today)
And I guess thats the difference between a mom and everyone else,they do things so selflessly it seemed so effortless until you have to replace her doing the tasks, and then u know.

Sama juga, I used to ask my mom to come visit me back when I was in boarding school in Sabak Bernam if possible every weekend with the stupidest excuses (like biskut abes, pdhal orang lain boleh je gi outing beli sendiri, rindu la, homesick la). And my mom would try her best to come. And she did this all on her own, because my dad worked in Sudan at that time. She would drive all 3 hours to and fro.

Tu x masuk minggu pulang bermalam. Selagi boleh I would ask her to send me as late as possible back to school. The curfew is at 6 p.m, so I would say no to come back any earlier, without realising how late it was for my mom by the time she arrived home. How selfish I was at that time huh?

I only realized how strenuous doing all this when I can drive, and because at that time my work place (mrsm kkb) was quite along the way to my sister's boarding school in SMS Kuala Selangor, my mom asked me to help pick her up. Driving alone, in the afternoon, for 2 hours, only then did I realize what my mom has done for me all this while. And its not only for me, but for her 3 other children who studied in boarding schools. If its up to me, if God willing i have children in the future, I would even consider asking them to not go to boarding schools. Hahaha. Its just too tiring! And we are not even talking about the toll and gas to be paid!

But of course, I am talking from the perspective of someone who does not have children yet, so I guess I dont quite understand what it means to be willing to sacrifice anything-your money, your resting time, your energy, your weekend, your own life, basically anything, just so that you get to see your children will have a better future.

Haha funny how I started writing this post with the intention of ranting, but ended up being insaf and missing my parents moree. (See how writing is good for u? Its a form of relection!)

To all super parents out there, I salute you! Thank you for making our lives as children awesome no matter how bratty we could be at times;p

Okla its time to whatsapp my mom and tell her I love and miss her=)
Have a happy weekend and let it be the weekend where we are among the grateful ones

Friday, January 22, 2016

two oh one six

I just realized how I only posted 3 entries last year.

Oh no

I guess the age is catching up on me and my hectic lifestyle (hectic la sangat) didnt allow me with much time to sit down and reflect and tell. Or maybe because I dont find anything interesting anymore (oh no!!)

Ok tak perlu over. I guess it's just that last year ive grown accustomed to post stuffs on my Instagram instead. I have found new things that I am passionate in-hills hiking! (can you believe it, hiking? me?). It is more convenient and fast and easy but I guess because it is more easy it becomes less meaningful.

And sooo.. this is what I have decided today-to write more! And also because I need to teach kids to write good essays, so I guess I must start with myself first

 I pray that this year I will be writing about a lot of happy stuffs and great news, ameen.
(thats how new years are-they make people feel hopeful.) Wishing a happier year for everyone everywhere around the world too.. Ameen=))

[teruknyaa post sebab da lama x menulis -_-')

If you manage to find this...

Congratulation. . .

dari mana nk kemana

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