Thursday, February 18, 2010

escapism lagii

the right side of the bed, founded:

two half-closed luggage destined to fly to new zealand this sunday, (which funnily and uncannily resemble a batu belah batu bertangkup with the victims struggling to escape from the doomed rocks)  begging the owner with all their heart to start packing right away

the owner:

pura pura tak nampak. tido tido

 Ni bkn aku jadi kucing. Bye bye mus. akak nak balik nz daa

in front of the bed, on the table, discovered:

an organizer, in it the hastily written 'what to do/buy' list which practically screaming to the owner that she hasnt buy the most important things yet: belated birthday presents for her mum and sister

happy bday dear sis(atie) and mama. i love u with all my heart
the owner: 

checking her 2 years old roxy purse where its skin is peeling here and there (this is a HINT my dear friendss!! my bday is only 3 months away!! heheh). counting the money: rm 55.15 cents left. another important thing yet to buy: contact lenses stock for 16 months. cost: rm 20 x 16. you do the math. pejam mata. wondering where have all the money go. garu kepala yang tidak gatal. bermonolog pada diri sendiri "perlu lebih bijak mengurus wang bulan depan". ye. bulan dpn kita start ye.               

ahhh. baik turun makan.

the begs and the organizer and the purse:

Oh God, please make this girl change. Or, please find us a new owner!!

 Peace no war

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