Friday, May 27, 2011

humans, we are vulnerable creature

we are, believe it or not, we have too many things at stake which often is, beyond our control.

but of course as human, we tend to forgot that. we think we are invincible. we think nothing can hurt us. but do u know just one stroke of fate by Allah can change your life in a blink of an eye?

we can count how many times actually in a day we truly remember Allah. If we are honest we'll admit that even while praying our mind wanders away

but in adversity and in desperate times, we WILL for sure remember Him

we can count how many minutes in a day we remember Allah (if we are really honest, we'll admit that we even think of something else when we are praying), but in desperate times, we'll always, always come back to Allah and pray hard for His help.

only in times of adversity (death, natural disaster, etc.) we will, for sure remember how powerful He is, and how very weak, powerless, vulnerable we are, to go against the fate that has been stored for us

may we be amongst those who wont only remember Him when we are in difficulties, and may we always be strong in facing His trials in life

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