Thursday, April 28, 2011

dont sleep yet, reminisce and smile

celebrating yuyu's bday. duduk tgh feeling2 mcm diri sendiri punye bday la pulak kan -_-'

rakan camera ku susah dan senang. haha
dely si fashionista, erin si gadis rempit (but the spec really does suit you), sha si gadis senyum selalu;p

with the bday girl yang enggan bergaya walaupun di bday sendiri. dan cik sha's devil choc cupcake yg mantap
gadis gadis sadis bila bershopping

bergaya ala2 bahu terpleot

leme leme ipod application.  im so having fun with other people's ipod. im still wondering if i shud get one. or if i can even afford to have one T_T

Thanks dely for being patient with me. heheh

Friday, April 22, 2011

being sick is no fun, but..

the ever growing bisul and toothache. wat a combination. and wat a way to spend your easter break huh?

but im not trying to moan and complain about that in this entry. (at least I'm trying very hard not to)

you know, although being sick (in anyway) is no fun, Allah has created sickness for a reason (like everything else that He has created in this world of course). Being in this condition right now, I can think of few good things that sickness does bring:

  1. It taught you to appreciate things that you always take for granted, especially health. Now that I am unable to shut my mouth properly because the gum in my mouth is swollen which makes chewing impossible, I cant really enjoy the food. (Of course la, bayangkan kene telan semua benda sbb x boleh kunyah, wuwu). Back in the old days when all is fine, teeth is something I hardly think about. Now it is ALL I think about. Amazing huh how something so small and usually deemed insignificant can affect a human's life in a big way? See, sickness makes you think about all this things and made you realize about how blessed we are actually to be able to do things as simple as eating. Because no, it is not that simple, it is actually a very big blessing. (Please trust me. This is from someone who cant eat for two days now T_T)
  2. It also made you realize how weak you are actually in comparison to Allah. We are not invincible at all. Even minor injury or sickness can cause us ail, misery,  uncomfortableness, helplessness, let alone bigger ones. How weak, how powerless we humans are, yet we always forget. Berapa banyak orang yang terang-terangan melanggar hukum Allah, berlagak mcm boleh hidup selamanya, yet bila dah sakit, baru nak cari Tuhan (kalau ada yang mau cari. Kalau yang x mau cari sampai mati alangkah tragisnya). So, di dalam kulit kacangnya (in a nutshell), sakit juga buat kita ingat Allah.
  3. It also allows you to practice and reflect about "Ingat 5 perkara, sebelum 5 perkara". Haa, ingat tak itu ape dia? kalau x ingat sila nyanyi lagu raihan sekarang
  • sihat sebelum sakit
  • muda sebelum tua
  • kaya sebelum miskin
  • lapang sebelum sempit
  • hidup sebelum mati
well, at least I could reflect 3 aspects of the things above (sihat sblm sakit, muda sblm tua and lapang sebelum sempit). Now that I am sick, I realize how great it was to be healthy. Now that I cant chew, it made me think about the time when I would really lose all my teeth in the old age (skarang sarah phm perasaan atuk kene kunyah guna gusi. akan berusaha menjadi lebih empathatic selepas ini). Now all that I think is about my painful  bisul and gusi, I missed the time when I dont have to worry about my health, yet I wasted my time on stupid things.

Being sick is no fun, but I appreciate learning something out of it. 

And Allah, if you wont cure my sickness as soon as I would love to, please ya Allah, please grant me the strength to bear it with a strong heart so I would not complain and moan about my pain all the time. Ameen.

"Manusia yang duduk dalam kenikmatan terlalu lama, selalu terlupa dia sememangnya berada dalam kenikmatan" [As-Syahid Syed Qutb]

Friday, April 15, 2011

I miss you

I am so sorry my blog
for I have kinda abandoned you
i dont know what had happened, but even new fancy layout doesnt provide me enough push to write something new

But tonight it so happened I had the chance of digging through my old entries
and I think I kinda miss you
I miss writing, I miss talking to myself and being reflective
So maybe, I'll try harder to start writing again
About anything, nothing and everything
Just so in the future I can look back I can say "Ahh, so that was how I was so that was what happened" and be reminded of the sweet, the bitter and both in between
InsyaAllah, if Allah is willing

And just for kicks I've decided to post this picture

yeah. I purposely put it up-side-down. got problem with that? HEHE

toodles. bonne nuit!

dari mana nk kemana

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