Friday, January 22, 2016

two oh one six

I just realized how I only posted 3 entries last year.

Oh no

I guess the age is catching up on me and my hectic lifestyle (hectic la sangat) didnt allow me with much time to sit down and reflect and tell. Or maybe because I dont find anything interesting anymore (oh no!!)

Ok tak perlu over. I guess it's just that last year ive grown accustomed to post stuffs on my Instagram instead. I have found new things that I am passionate in-hills hiking! (can you believe it, hiking? me?). It is more convenient and fast and easy but I guess because it is more easy it becomes less meaningful.

And sooo.. this is what I have decided today-to write more! And also because I need to teach kids to write good essays, so I guess I must start with myself first

 I pray that this year I will be writing about a lot of happy stuffs and great news, ameen.
(thats how new years are-they make people feel hopeful.) Wishing a happier year for everyone everywhere around the world too.. Ameen=))

[teruknyaa post sebab da lama x menulis -_-')

If you manage to find this...

Congratulation. . .

dari mana nk kemana

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