Sunday, October 24, 2010

i have the attention span of a gold fish (eh?)

oh my GoOODDd (part God tu buat suara mendayu dayi ala2 tarzan)

how am i supposed to finish this assignment when I cant even concentrate for 2 minutes? how how? i really do think I have ADD (attention deficit disorder). Weird enough, it is fully cured when I do something else other than the schoolworks. huhu.

mata! jangan mengada ngada please. bukan stay up pun malam semalam nak buat kuyu2. haish, cocok buat satay kang.

target nak siapkan 1500 words essay in a day. possible ke?

Saturday, October 23, 2010


am i ready?

would I ever be ready??

Friday, October 22, 2010

act of random kindness

hi there

i am finally writing again because i am stuck with my assignment. nak pilih tajuk pun da stuck. such a loser. huh. huhu. so here i am talking about random things dat has crossed my mind while I was pushing trolley at pak n save yesterday.

u know, an act of random kindness can leave an everlasting effect on those who you were kind to. For example, there is this one time when I accompanied my mum to go to Carefour subang. for those who have been there u'll know how the escalator look like, die bukannya bertangga, tapi conveyer dia tu flat je untuk letak trolley skali (common kut kat mane2 shopping complex skarang). and ive always been scared of such escalator padahal kalau once kite letak trolley tu tayar die akan stuck so xdela kena tahan trolley tu dari menggelongsor pun, but still, I always find myself grabbing the trolley with all my might, scared of it slipping away and hit those who are in front of me.

And one day, it really does. I was around 12-13 years old at that time and I might be waaay thinner than I am now, and the trolley seems wayyyy bigger. I dont know how and what went wrong on that day but instead of the tyre being stucked on the conveyor, die menggelongsor dgn laju and hit a chinese lady at the back with full force. i can only imagine how painful and shocked she was suddenly being hit by a giant trolley (luckily it was empty) and I was prepared to be scolded by her there and then. But, she asked me instead "are you alright?" (my face must be terribly scared at that time that she took pity on me, haha). I was so touched by that, that I remember that incident until today-10 years later! I am not sure if I were on her place I would act the same, the least I might do is giving the jelingan maut kut, the most, marah2. but no, at that time, she chose to let it go and cared for me instead.

so see? how random kindness can really touch other people's heart?

 what kindness have you done today? lets do one

Friday, October 15, 2010

i feel like im on the verge of breaking down
but wait,
i dont even have the energy to do that right now


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Kau cabar Tuhan??

Seksualiti Merdeka is a much needed frank look at the very core of all us human beings, our sexuality, and the diversity that lies within. We need to accept and then celebrate.” – Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir 

Calling all Malaysians to join in a group hug of Love, Acceptance and Compassion!

And so what they said about celebrating SEKSUALITI MERDEKA 2010, an upcoming event in malaysia which is basically saying "hey malaysian, lets join the rest of the world to say its alright to have same sex relationship! Who cares about what Allah has to think about this? Laknat Allah? HAHA, apa tu?apa apa je lah" (google it yourself if you want to know more. Tak kuasa nak letak link)

Astaghfirullah astaghfirullah astaghfirullah ! Its a different thing if we are talking about the non-muslims, of course the concept of retribution by Allah might be foreign to them, but to see that there are also Muslims endorsing this kind of event, its heartbreaking! Besar sangatkah kita kita ini sampai tak takut berlagak dengan Allah. Penting sangatkah mendapat approval dari manusia yang kononnya embracing the modernity sehingga sanggup membelakangkan hukum Allah? Tak cukup ke Allah cerita dalam Al-Quran macam mana Allah turunkan malapetaka keatas kaum nabi Luth yang mengamalkan hubungan sesama jantina?

Firman Allah dalam surah Al A'raf :84 menceritakan kesudahan orang-orang yang membelakangkan Tuhan mereka:

"Dan Kami hujani mereka dengan hujan (batu). Maka perhatikanlah bagaimana kesudahan orang yang berbuat dosa itu"

Sesungguhnya aku takut. Sangat-sangat takut

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Reviving Islamic spirit

As known by lot of people, im such a cry baby, I cry so easily sometimes its soo stupid. But I think this time I have got a good enough reason to do so. It is just soo heart-lifting! Just watching this video has already revived my Islamic spirit, I wonder what would happen if I actually got the chance to went there!

Here, watch it yourself and you'll get what I meant

Sunday, October 3, 2010

the worst sickness

i am sick

i have been home sick for two days now.

i miss accompanying my mom to my sister's school

i miss 'pau'-ing my dad for kuih tepi jalan

i miss my sisters and brother, playing monoply or just plain laughing over silliest things with them

i miss having my fat cat on my lap and the big purr he is always making

i miss eating hot buns from kings confectionary

i miss miss miss

8 months seem so long now

dari mana nk kemana

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