Saturday, November 5, 2016

Hey old fren

Its funny how your old life can out of nowhere snuck on you
All this while youve moved on
You dont even think about that person anymore
And suddenly bamm it all comes back to you like a bullet train
You found yourself scavenging for old letters, old emails, old mementos
Just to reenact that feelings
On how happy u were
On how you treasured u feel
On how relief when youre being listened to
When you once again read the words

And then comes the aftermath
When you realize you can never reach out to them anymore
When u realize what you have is gone for good
When u realize what you had was special but u didnt appreciate it enough while it lasts
Its heartbreaking

I'll let myself walk down the memory lane
This one time
Just for today
Before i move on
Once again

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