Saturday, February 27, 2010

my life so far..


crazy. but i love it. i love my new house. i love my housemates. i love having things to do. i love having things to look forward to. i love assignment . i love wellington. i love the weather. i love the view. i love love love. life is good. 

thank you Allah !

p/s- mood baik sbb tak start kelas lagi. heheh

Friday, February 19, 2010

angkat anak gajah

memandang penimbang dgn hati berdebar debar. dengan senget senget aku angkat beg yang rase mcm angkat anak gajah, letak atas penimbang. mengintai jarum penimbang dgn perasaan takut dan segan silu (aik?).

15 kg.

yeay yeay yeay. hati gembira. tambah lagi tambah lagi. tiada beg dan kasut yang bakal terkorban. semua pun boleh melancong ke new zealand hey!


(janganla penimbang tu sbenarnye rosak. huhu. kalau tak selame ni aku sbenarnye lagi gemuk la?? hoho)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

escapism lagii

the right side of the bed, founded:

two half-closed luggage destined to fly to new zealand this sunday, (which funnily and uncannily resemble a batu belah batu bertangkup with the victims struggling to escape from the doomed rocks)  begging the owner with all their heart to start packing right away

the owner:

pura pura tak nampak. tido tido

 Ni bkn aku jadi kucing. Bye bye mus. akak nak balik nz daa

in front of the bed, on the table, discovered:

an organizer, in it the hastily written 'what to do/buy' list which practically screaming to the owner that she hasnt buy the most important things yet: belated birthday presents for her mum and sister

happy bday dear sis(atie) and mama. i love u with all my heart
the owner: 

checking her 2 years old roxy purse where its skin is peeling here and there (this is a HINT my dear friendss!! my bday is only 3 months away!! heheh). counting the money: rm 55.15 cents left. another important thing yet to buy: contact lenses stock for 16 months. cost: rm 20 x 16. you do the math. pejam mata. wondering where have all the money go. garu kepala yang tidak gatal. bermonolog pada diri sendiri "perlu lebih bijak mengurus wang bulan depan". ye. bulan dpn kita start ye.               

ahhh. baik turun makan.

the begs and the organizer and the purse:

Oh God, please make this girl change. Or, please find us a new owner!!

 Peace no war

Thursday, February 11, 2010

i worry about the silliest things

which proves how silly i can be at times (yes, at times, not ALL the times. i sincerely hope)

my mum called just now, "Da telefon Dell ke blom?"
"Blom" I answered nervously.
"ha call skarang" she pushed me

i cant believe she called me just to check whether I've called the support centre. and I do not know why I've been postponing/dreading calling them. its been 4 days since my mum gave me the number but I pretended that I can solve my laptop problems on my own. but still, i kept complaining to her. which was the reason she was pretty mad at me last night and thus causing her to nag (as a rule, my mum rarely nags, yes, she is a supercool mum. but no, not after last night)

i think one of the reasons i didnt call them yet is that I worry that they would actually have some mat saleh with american/british/new zealand accent as the technical people. yeah, stupid really when i actually can speak english (im going to be an english teacher for god sake!) but im just nervous that they would not understand what i am saying or I would be failing to describe my laptop problems correctly (im no techno freak, tq very much),etc2 (ye, saye nerves tak tentu pasal)

and my fear was totally unfounded as I discovered that the one who answered my call was actually computer-generated operator (yep, like the one you get when booking a cinema ticket). haha, so much for practising
but no, the problem is not yet solved. sebabnya, my warranty has expired and therefore if wanting to have any further service, I need to renew the warranty. After furious investigation on the net on how much it would cost me, utk one year phone support je die charge RM 176! blom kne repair apape. haishhh. nak ke taknak? tapi naknye kalau balik nz computer jadi lebih kronik camne? huhuuu

well, still talking about worrying over the silliest things, i have one more fear:

I desperately think that I need a pair of sneaker (preferably a converse). the thing is I have this worry that if I happen to go to one of the converse stores, the sales boy/girl would give me funny look thinking:

"hish akak ni, da tua2 besar2 pun nak bli kasut sneakers lagi. perasan budak2 la tu"

and i have even prepared my answer:

"saye nak bli utk adik saye la! haishh"

i dono. kalau kat overseas, it is normal to see grown ups (da beruban pun. tapi bdn fit la. pakcik2 kat malaysia muncit2. haha) wears sneakers casually. and i like dat. tapi kat malaysia susah kut nak jumpa camtu.

ntahla. maybe i am overthinking it. maybe i am rite-i AM silly. hoho.

hows that for an entry?

dari mana nk kemana

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