Thursday, January 28, 2010

oops i did it again

hidup bukan drama.

that was the mantra from one of my good frens, Mira Shaifuddin (mira kalau ko bace ni sure ko bangga kan aku sbut name ko??). Let me tell you a little about her, a delightful character that Im glad i have the chance to meet in the course of my life. She is a crazy little girl, with a loud laugh that is infectious, has mood swings that can scares the hell out of everybody when she suddenly cries without a reason, loves gossiping (who doesnt? ok ok, time to change!!) but nevertheless, lovable to the end. But one thing that stood out about her is her love for Hindi movies. Trust me. Nobody beats her love for Hindi movies. Even those people from India that we met in Wellington was impressed by her knowledge of the Bollywood world. She watches those movies so frequently that she can even speak Hindi fluently and can watch the movies without the subtitles, and also sing all the songs without missing a beat. Im not talking about the famous Hindi movies such as Kuch2 Hota Hai or Dil to Pagal hai (ni zmn ble punye citer ni sarah oii) but the movies that the mainstream people wudden even heard of.

Well, therefore, its not a wonder that her idea of a perfect relationship is somewhat very much influenced by those storyline (yang of course hero die mesti hensem, mesti kaya, mesti tinggi, romantic, dan yang paling utama skali, jalan percintaan yang hebat!), which, in real life, she realized, we are brutally hit by the fact that well, 'hidup bukan drama'.

 Fnab, me and Mira si penggemar hindustan

In Mira's case, its hindi movies, but in general, its the EVIL mass media (and yes, that includes Korean dramas, novel2 abad ke 21, gossip girl, cinta Balqis (erk, tetibe)) that created our unrealistic expectations on life, specifically on romantic relationship. As a result, we often feel disappointed by our own life that lacks adventure,pancaroba (ecewah, pancaroba tuhh, gli plak), interesting story line worth telling your grandchildren about, and therefore be less grateful for what we have.

But I guess for myself, what affects me the most is not really wat is portrayed  by the mass media (tak kate tak affect langsung, of course la ade effect nye sket2 ye, ok tipu, byk la jugak) but what i read in blogs, because it happens to real people, not to actors and actresses that we know are just acting out a product of mere imaginations.

I know i cant talk about how jealous I am for some people who is lucky enough to have a love story worth writing about without sounding pathetic,HAHA but I guess i cant lie that I am. a little bit (yelatu) envious. yela, im just normal human. eh,but wait, blogs are also considered as a media! see? i've told you media is evil. heheh. i shud just live in the era where the only media we can found is newspaper and radio. no fb. no blogs. so i wont be foolishly comparing my life with others. but since I am living in 2010, i guess my solution for now is to go to blogs that talks about more islamic things instead, or to blogs that write about Palestinian and war victims maybe, so I can see how blessed actually I am to lead this little boring life of mine. Huh? boring?? Wait a minute:

I am blessed with the chance to study in NZ

I am blessed with the chance with crazy friends who is not afraid to make a fool of themselves for a good laugh (uhh, my hands look funny in dis pic)

I am blessed with the chance to visit LOTR's set (the one who is looking at my beauty (kasila cann) with disgust and envy is Gollum by the way)

 I am blessed with good friends that I would cherish to the end (ye traktor tu mmg kacau daun)

aaaanddd.. a beautiful family members with all sorts of characteristics that I love to bits!

my life is definitely not boring. Alhamdulillah!

wah. ape aku mengarut panjang2 nih? 

p/s-suke la tu sha gmbr die byk. heheh

dari mana nk kemana

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