Thursday, November 10, 2011

Sorry seems to be the hardest word? Huh, what a joke. Some people say it easily

Gun Jun Pyo, a character in Boys Over Flowers always said this: "If sorry can solve anything, why then we need the police?"

When I first encountered this scene, I cant help but say "What an arrogant jerk. Do you think you are really that great that you cannot accept a sincere apology?". But you know what, after what happened today, I must admit that this pompous guy has a point. If hearing a sorry is enough, why is it I dont feel like forgiving that person at all?

Look, there are times when you can forgive people as long as they say sorry. 

Example 1.0: When a person accidentally bumped into your shoulder. You might feel annoyed at first on why that person is rushing as though a tiger is chasing his ass, but when he look at you with a sheepish and apologetic smile and say "Oops, sorry!" you might feel better all over again and forgive him just like that

Example 2.0: Your bestfriend is frustrated about something and you, being the unlucky person who happened to be in the same room was yelled at only because you are trying to make light of the situation. Of course is not fair, why is that you have to be the punching bag right? But when she came to her senses and said sorry I think as much as you were hurt at that time, being the understanding person that you are you would probably forgive her, albeit grudgingly. After all, you guys are bestfriends.

but compare the situation with this:

Example 1.1: When a motorcycle accidentally bumped into your car. Can you just let him go if he just say "Sorry! It was an accident!!". Of course not. Of course he has to pay right?

Example 2.1: Your younger brother is short tempered and is like a time bomb. Even the smallest thing can jerk him off and unleash the ugly angry monster in him. This is not the first time that he had said hurtful things, with a very loud voice, yelling at the top of his lungs, threaten to hit you in the face with his fist, never mind that you are the older sister. This brother only treasure you when he wants something from you but when you asked him to return the favour, you would feel as if you are a beggar, begging for mercy. He has made you cry so many time and when he has cool down he would come to you and said "Sorry, I know I was wrong". Would the sorry be enough to erase all the hurtful things he has said to you? Would the sorry be enough to compensate for the pain when he violently pushed your head that you almost get knocked to the door? 

You said you would change, but of course you cant change. You have proven that. I feel so stupid for believing in you. In the end you are just a selfish selfish jerk.

And I hate this one thing about myself, I cant hold my anger for long. Of course people might see it is as a good thing but its just that when I start caring again I would get hurt all over again, 10 times worse. 

I guess my main point is this, when you say sorry, please mean it, and try your best not to repeat that same mistake. If you have to say sorry many times to that same person do you think that person can forgive you that easily? We are not angels, we have feelings and sometimes just to protect our feelings we choose to stop caring. And be careful when we stop caring, when we stop caring it means that we stop loving.

Treat other people like you want yourself to be treated. PLEASE.

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