Sunday, January 26, 2014

Allah adalah seperti sangkaan hamba-hambaNya.

i know i shouldn't do it, but I still do.
and sadistically doing it again and again.
which is bad, really bad, because when you keep comparing, it means you are not being happy, not being grateful for what you have.
my aim for 2014- to be better than that and learn to be more thankful (easier written than done, that I know)
everything is in its own due time
I believe in Allah's planning, He is indeed the best of planners.
He knows what is the best for me, if I tell myself that often enough I know I will stop comparing and be happy with what I have, insyaAllah.

Allah tidak akan sesekali menganiaya hamba-hambaNya, kan? ;)
Maka mari bersangka baik

Mohon doanya=)

dari mana nk kemana

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