Sunday, May 2, 2010


sometimes, crying is good

especially when you feel overwhelmed like there's a giant mountain on your shoulder

especially when you feel frustrated that something that you have worked so hard on didnt produce the result that you want

especially when you wondered if there is something wrong with how you do things that Allah refused to help you

especially when you are confused about the path that you have already chosen, whether you're on the right track

especially when you are going through a very big change, and only Allah knows how hard it is for you, struggling with yourself so that you wont revert to the old you

how i wish nobody would ever has to shed a tear of sadness, frustration, depression

but sometimes, crying helps

it wont solve the problem

but it let the heart speaks the words that the mouth cannot say

and it also made you realize your place in this world, that you are not invincible after all

and it made your heart return to Allah and seek for His help more

because, after all, its only by remembering Allah that the heart find peace and solace

dari mana nk kemana

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