Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Birthday resolution 2015

I feel that I need to write this somewhere. So here goes:

Things to do everyday (steps to become a better person)

1. Strive to pray early
2. Read at least 4 pages of quran everyday
3. Read at least one academic article everyday (instead of clicking the 'save' button with the intention to read it later, but I never did)
4. No matter how sucky the news are nowadays, read it everyday. Be in the know so you can teach the kids better about whats going on in the world
5. Spend only 2.5 hours tops in watching something that is entertainment related, regardless whether you are free all day long or not. Too much of entertainment makes you become stupid sarah, please realise that
6. Strive to increase the number of voluntary prayers. Kau sembahyang tu bukannya khusyuk. Maka sedar-sedar dirilah
7. Smile more
8. Wake up everyday with the intention of helping at least one person
9. Post a Facebook status that can increase people's awareness on an important issue or tazkirah-related or hadith or quran translation at least twice a weak
10. Less procrastination

Ive been procrastinating a lot lately, that I feel really guilty. All around me ive been receiving and reading news on how people suddenly die/ fall into coma. And it stirred something inside of me. Life is too short for me to become a useless person. So I feel that I need to take charge, and change. And making this resolution is one of the steps.

To others, it might not be a very impressive list, but for me, right now, knowing how lackadaisical I have become lately, if I can put a tick for everything that is on the list, it is an accomplishment enough and I will be a very happy girl.

this is sarah and I am striving to be the change I want to see.  

dari mana nk kemana

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