Tuesday, August 18, 2009

MY pictures,NOT yours

this is what i just find out from an old friend. that he has been keeping my pictures. and this is what i feel.

i hate it when people take my personal belonging without my permission. and yes, that include stealing my pictures from the facebook. no, its not ok. yes, i am also to blame. i should have known this would be the risk of uploading your pictures online. I used to not care whether people wants to take keep my picture in their laptop. but i now i DO care. because its wrong. now that i am aware i dont like thinking about what will they do with my pictures. it is also wrong because it shows how obsess u are. when u shouldnt be obsess with human beings more than u are obsess with your God. do u think Allah will like the act you keeping the picture of a women who is not your mahram? and truly Allah is the best judge of your intention. if u know better, u'll delete the pictures.


hafiz CHouJi said...

Urm, I do keep group photos which has you in it. Is that okay?

mizzshaina said...

if that IS the ONLY picture

Faraha Hamidi said...

stalker ke sar????

huhu. bhye..

mizzshaina said...

ye. stalker. siap letak jadi wallpaper la, gmbr kat ym la. apehalll. huhu. ingat tuhan skett

Faraha Hamidi said...


mudah2an die tersedar.


hafiz CHouJi said...

Yup, those are the only photos. Group photos of everyone (and you are one of them) as my lappie's screensaver. :')

Anonymous said...

Assalamu Alaikum,
I don't speak Malay, but I do trust that you are Masha'Allah on the right path! I enjoy what I can understand from your blog...

Veiled Knight

mizzshaina said...

thanks for ur visit veiled knight!!
u're my idol although u're lottt younger than me
insyaAllah I will try to make this blog more and more useful to others, not just me!

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