Wednesday, March 17, 2010

hari smlm dlm sejarah

Dear blog,

 i forgot to blog about this yesterday, but it is an event (well, 2 actually) so significant I decided not to just ignore it (although the excitement level is already low today. haha).

1) I succeeded in cooking one of my favorite dishes, unaided!! (i purposely kicked my housemates out of the kitchen). but i wont tell u what the dish was (it was so easy its embarassing I took pride in it). for those who still dont know, I am practically domestically disabled. But that is to improve this year. haha. I'll be cooking like a pro in no time, InsyaAllah (hoho sungguh yakin diri disitu), thanks to the unwritten rule by my housemates, that we take turns to cook every other day. Before this, all I did was helping with small things, like cooking the vegetables, chopping the onions, etc but I realized that I wont be making any big progress in cooking serious dishes if I continue just doing that. Although it was quite nerve-wrecking at first (and the kitchen I am working in closely resembles a ship wreck), I found satisfaction every time I succeeded (although the dishes I cooked so far were soooo easy most of you can cook with both eyes close), and more confident too. But im really hoping I'll be gaining more courage to cook the more complicated stuffs that can make my mama proud=))

2) I happened to sign up for a 3 months gym membership yesterday! Which means no more slacking around and telling myself  "tomorrow.. tomorrow I'll start jogging" until the end of time. Haha. Da byr mahal kut. kalau malas jugak tak taula.. Resolution for this year: to go back to Malaysia less heavy than the previous years. Saya boleh! Saye mampu mengubahnye!! (hoho..we'll see.. if somehow it doesnt work out, please, please, please forget I've posted this. hahaha)

you know what, it is so great to have great friends that are so supportive no matter how sucks you are. heheh. say what? Alhamdulillah~



iynas said...

go sarah!! :-D

mizzshaina said...

iynas: mekasih yang!!

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