Wednesday, May 19, 2010

hari sarah rajen

the going ons in my life so far:

my birthday:

(ye ma, sarah tau sarah da tembam. ye ye tauuu)

oh my God, look at the number, 23rd you know, 23rd!! and datss not a young number.. huhu.. nobody would ever classify me as a teenager, ever again! haha. ok just kidding. I should be thankful dat I've made it to 23, and  I am happy I have survived my teenage hood (ade ke perkataan ni pun?). Looking back, I've realized how blessed I am to be where I am today. Although there cant always be laughter, although sometimes I feel like everything is stacked on my shoulder, although there's times when I cant help it but ask questions, although there's time (lotssss of it im sure) i just feel like screaming my heads off because of the pressure, I am glad that I have precious family and friends that I can always, always rely on. Alhamdulillah.Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah. 
Yes, birthday is the day when you can see who is genuinely happy and glad that you were born. More pictures:

(the day I get to claim that Im a princess without anybody making faces.haha. poor you guys)

(one of the many reason that I will love you guys, forever: when we're together we're not afraid to make a fool of ourselves and can still laugh about it)

(notice: a collection of my vain pictures? dats from eny! I've already pasted it on the wall, and its the first thing I saw when I enter the room. Hoho. Kadang2 naik meluat juga tgk muke diri sendiri. but i love it nevertheless. lain2: chocolate bouquet from mama, hamper in the box from ayah, billabong purse by sha, billabong handbag by eny, card from housemate, revolving photo frame from ain and nida. watever it is, its the thought that matters! takde hadiah pun taper ^_^)

my progress in cooking:

jeng jeng jengggg... mempersembahkannnn

my first ever ayam masak merah:

my first ever lasagna:

(looks yummy it tasted even better! (kasila cann nak perasan.hahaha))

Both are my favourite dishes so you should understand how proud I am to be able to cook all this all by myself (ok tipu. I did get help with the lasagna.haha.). mamaaaaa, anak mama ni da boleh kawen daaa.. hahahahahah. i wonder why I thought cooking was difficult. all you have to do is googled the recepi, just follow it step by step, alter it here and there and heyyy presto, there's a dish you can eat. i guess its really up to whether you want to try, or not. And there's always first step to everything, no matter how hard it seems. Takde orang yang lahir2 da terus pandai kann? =))

anddd last picture:

what I am up to tonight:

Yes. I am in the process of healing myself. Haha

Love all of you (whoever reading this) because of Allah

cik sar


iynas said...

waa sedapnya nampak sarah masak~ mmg da bleh kawen..nanti balik sini jgn lupa masakkan utk kte k..hehe..

ok, i really take my own sweet time after office hours bloghopping dan melepaskan rindu..hehe

unknown said...

oh!!! post some to auckland please~~ sgt sedap. hehe.

yeah. sarah da nak kawen~ sile jemput. ngee :D and pasal masak neh. satu je penting. time campak2 tu kne confident. gerenti sedap. IA :p

and oh. saya sayang awak juger~~ :)

mizzshaina said...

iynas: hahaha..insyaAllah kalau umur panjang

shanis: ko la datang sini...hehe

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