Sunday, October 3, 2010

the worst sickness

i am sick

i have been home sick for two days now.

i miss accompanying my mom to my sister's school

i miss 'pau'-ing my dad for kuih tepi jalan

i miss my sisters and brother, playing monoply or just plain laughing over silliest things with them

i miss having my fat cat on my lap and the big purr he is always making

i miss eating hot buns from kings confectionary

i miss miss miss

8 months seem so long now


Anonymous said...

cik sar, ko balik msia ke ujung tahun ni..?

mizzshaina said...

tak la weyy..ko balik ke

Anonymous said...

aku keadaan economy tak aku xbleh la, lme2 tak jmpe family..aku akan usahakan jugak..skjap pn jadik la..i'Allah..jom la cik sar..ko nk g mn plak cuti ni..

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