Friday, November 23, 2012

the drama of my life

so this good old friend of mine suggested that I should write again. And suddenly I decided to open this blog tonight. God, the last entry was the night before my first class. And I promised that I'll wrote about my first experience at school but I did not! Actually, checking my drafts, I did start to write something until Ive ran out of idea about what to write next that I decided not to post at all. I am ashamed with myself. Huh Sarah, org yang mahu berjaya x kenal erti putus asa sepatutnya!

xpela. "let bygone be bygone, things already happened" (heh, dulu pernah choral speaking ayat ni, sbb tula ingat sampai sekarang) Anyway, since I love re-reading my entries (this sounded soo vain, God), bknla, bkn sbb its good, its just because I got to relive that memory again, which is nice to do (with this limited memory of mine), writing is a good memory storage. So here, I'll just post what I wrote half way about my first day at school.

[And typical me, no matter how sophisticated I wanted to be, life will always have another plan for me (always finding ways to mock me, heh). But experience is still experience right? whether its bad or good. So here goes]

i knew it. i knew that deciding to go to mukah will somehow warrant me to a lot of future drama in my life. Travelling to somewhere outside your comfort zone, to somewhere new where their way of life might be quite different from what you are used to, meeting new faces, settling down in a new place will somehow open up the window to many possibilities. And this, I find exciting

But, even knowing that, I never expected that my shoes would decide to misbehave on my very first class in Mukah!! I was having fun talking to the kids, listening to the students introducing themselves when suddenly i realized that the shoe had somehow that the glue which is holding all the parts of the shoes together is hanging by the thread! They looked really terrible. They looked like something a homeless woman found in a dump and have to wear it out of desperation. It was like I had wore the heels for a trip to the mountain and went through a river.


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