Sunday, December 8, 2013

why do I have to keep writing about u

I hate this feeling of uneasiness
I feel as if im living on the edge, if I even only make one small move, I might come tumbling down
I feel as if im trying to walk on a road full with broken glasses, shoeless, I might accidentally step on the glass any moment now
What I am saying is, no matter how calm the current situation is,I cant seem to be convince that I have received my happy ending
Not when u are acting especially weird

That is the case of an offender u know
People find it hard to trust you
Especially when you dont seem to work hard to vanquish people's suspicion that you have stopped commiting the offense
I hate you doing this to her
I hate you cant seem to stop hurting her
When she deserves so so so much better
Thanks to u I cant even look at ild photo albums n be happy for the memories
No. I am hurt for the "have been"s.

Still, I am assured. No matter how much u might get away with this now, you wont get away with this hereafter. Allah is seeing this, nothing would be amiss.

You might be able to get away now, but remember, Allah is the best Judge, where no one who have ever experienced injustice would be left unhappy


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