Wednesday, August 26, 2009

who knew..

who knew being a teacher would be this hard. definitely not me

*aku lelah dgn penat. oh Allah, kuatkan!*


Faraha Hamidi said...

tbh sar! pengalaman mcm ni xkn dtg 2 kali =) kite doakan awk sakses! =D

Unknown said...

Haahahaha kecoh ar ko ni. Yela, shoot aku tak jadi. Tengok la main pakai apa? Baju kemeja weh. Hahahhaa good luck ntuk esok~ Ko kan cakap ajar math nk bg cara sng. Tgk Tifauni tu pun dh png ngan ko hahaha

hafiz CHouJi said...

My mom was a kindergarten teacher and she, once in a while, gave a big sigh when she got home, saying she's tired and all with the cooking and cleaning the house she had to do at home after the whole day dealing with kids at school. And I just listened.

One day, a technician came to my house to do some fixing on our home PC. When he got in, he asked, "Aren't you cikgu Fatimah?" My mum said yes and his face turned bright. He introduced himself and said that he was one of my mom's students from ten or so years ago. My mom was overjoyed and they had a looong chat. And I was there, observing.

When the technician gone back home, my mom told me this: "This is one of the greatest pleasures being a teacher, that is when you made a different to your students and they remember you for that."

So, Sarah. It is true that teaching is hard, and no one ever said it will be easy. But don't give in to those adversities. Instead, persevere and pray for strength and help from Allah.

Go to school and "touch" some lives eh? :')

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