Monday, August 9, 2010

OMG wat am i doing

erm, why did I took this subject again??

Ya Allah, permudahkan.. sesungguhnya semua ilmu itu adalah dari Mu jua


hafiz CHouJi said...

Why sound so . . . upset? What subject did you take, Sarah?

mizzshaina said...

I took musc 150 and before u imagine me playing the drums or plucking the guitar string, no, i dont play music instrument at all, its just learning about world music and how each culture is different in their views about music.. a bit about learning culture really.. now, why do I get so defensive?? hoho..

ko rase salah ke aku amik subject nih?

now i need to do a report on a music performance. and I just dont have the kind of language to describe music performance.. hohooo

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