Sunday, November 9, 2014

Real Vs Appearance

What people show you
Is what they want you to think about them
A happy picture does not equal to a happy life
Not posting happy stuff
Does not mean they're not having the time of their life

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and any other social networks
Have helped people to create the world of fa├žade
Create the medium to shape of how they want people to think of them

But it is impossible to be happy all the time you know, impossible.
The life you advertise
If it's not really what it is
Sooner or later its going to crumble
People will be able to see behind your mask anyway
Would be able to see that:
"Well, you dont have that perfect life too. You're not untouchable or invincible, just like any other human"

Knowing that,
stop comparing yourself to others who you think "have it all"
who you think "sadness cant touch them"
Cause it's not true
Just because they dont display their pain doesnt mean they dont experience one

Live your own life to the fullest
Take risk and be brave enough to fall, to hurt, to cry
Take risk and to try
Take risk and to fly

As long as you have God as your wings,
You wont die in futile

(a poem, [poem ke nihh?] inspired by my stalking on instagram) hehe



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