Thursday, November 20, 2014

the first to many other firsts

So after becoming pretty much useless the whole day yesterday (it's only the first day of my break annnd I am already out of my wits!), today, I decided to do something I have never done before: watching movie at the cinema all by myself.. Upon announcing this on my instagram, I found out that actually, many of my friends have done this before, so what I am doing is not ground-breaking at all. haha..

But you see, you have to look at it from my perspective- I am the kind of person who would feel like a loser eating alone at a restaurant, would feel like the loneliest girl on the planet if I have to go window shopping on my own, would feel suffocated not talking to anyone for more than 2 hours. That's just the way I am. I hate being alone in whatever situation I am in (well, except for when I am obsessing over something embarassing muahahaa).  So me deciding to try this out is actually an achievement for me, haha, no matter how small it may seem to others.

So, the verdict? Well apart from I struggled a bit holding the drink, my popcorn and my hotdog on my own (no problem, just request for a plastic bag) and when I went to the toilet I have no one to ask for about what had I missed in the film, it was all good and empowering, even. I was able to concentrate better, plus I dont have to worry about what other people think of the movie after I suggested it at the first place. I watched Interstellar. To be honest, there are some things that I did not really understand, but again, no problem, I just continued watching and made a mental point to ask others about it later. So others who have free time while your friends or your family members do not, dont worry, just go to the movie and watch it alone. It's still very enjoyable too (granted the movie is nice laa)

Now, about the movie interstellar? If you are the kind of person who love movie which makes you still think about it even days after it ends, if you're into the outer-space stuff and its wonders, this is the movie for you. I've always loved and fascinated on things universe-related and I've always loved the movie that left me a bit unsettled, so I found the movie really nicee.

Just one bad thing after watching the movie, though: it makes my job as a teacher and my life on earth sooo much boring in comparison. Hahah.

Here's to the first of many other firsts. Next aim: to join a volunteer work (this one unnerve me a bit, it's always easier when you do stuff alone, instead of needing to communicate with strangers. hoho.. wish me luck!)



Sha said...

wahh sarah!!
*clap clap*
good job!
who would hv guessed that you'll be able to pull it off?
I'm so proud of u!

mizzshaina said...

jgn over plss

Z said...

i think i've done this once before. it was an interesting experience.

i prefer watching movies on my laptop tho.

(altho caramel popcorn is best at the cinemas, ha)

miss you sarah ^_^

mizzshaina said...

Lainn la tgk kat laptop. Hehe. Some films are just better in cinema (contohnya lotr. I wud totally sleep watching that on laptop)

Miss u too zaty. Balik cepatt

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